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Software PACTware for industrial equipment setup

Software and automation systems Software PACTware for industrial equipment setup

PACTware is a free software package for configuring, diagnosing and documenting DTM-based field devices. PACTware software supports products from manufacturers of industrial measurement, control equipment and software that are members of the PACTware Consortium e.V.

DTM) is a driver that allows PACTware to communicate with a field device using the Field Device Tool (FDT) protocol. The DTM driver contains all the necessary data and tools for configuring and diagnosing the device through a variety of communication interfaces and interface equipment. PACTware software and DTM drivers are available for free download on the websites of equipment manufacturers with whom our company cooperates:

VEGA Grieshaber KG
WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

PACTware is a unified tool for operating equipment and uses a standardized concept for setup procedures and user interface. You just need to install the DTMs you need to get all the necessary information about the device, configure it and save data to document the service history. When working with PACTware, the following modes of operation of the device are available:

  • Initial configuration
  • Settings
  • Simulation of output signals
  • Analysis and logging
  • Documentation

Thanks to a standardized technological basis, the configuration concept with PACTware is well suited for a wide variety of field devices from different manufacturers and always presents the user with a recognizable interface. This minimizes workload, gives confidence that tasks will be carried out accurately and reduces the amount of required training for specialists.

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