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3D-scanner Artec Ray II

Artec 3D (USA)

3D scanners Artec 3D company 3D-scanner Artec Ray II

With the high-accuracy, long-range, wireless Ray II laser 3D scanner you can precisely and rapidly capture large to massive objects, scenes or areas, and from up to 130 m away. Expect 3D point accuracy that meets high professional standards and best-in-angular-class accuracy

Ideal for precise capture of huge objects such as wind turbines, ship propellers or airplanes, bridges or factory floors, forensic scenes or archeology sites, this professional LiDAR solution produces 3D scans of the highest quality, whether your application is reverse engineering, inspection, creating true-to-life digital twins, documenting crime scenes, or making change-over-time assessments of civil infrastructure

The wireless Ray II’s lightweight portability make it a cinch to take anywhere you need: vehicles can be captured in minutes, aircraft and full-sized buildings in just a few hours

Application in various fields


Harnessing Ray II’s power to capture up to 2 million points per second, now engineers can streamline aircraft inspection, design, development, and testing for faster, safer, and more fuel-efficient flights

Digital twins

Ideal for digital twin creation pipelines, the Ray II scanner offers industry-class accuracy, speed, and ease of use for capturing surface data throughout the entire object lifecycle


Taking just minutes to capture mechanical and irregular shapes and surfaces while detecting hard-to-find imperfections, the Ray II gives automotive specialists high-resolution point clouds for inspections, crash testing, design optimization, and more

Heritage preservation

Cultural & heritage preservation specialists can digitally safeguard priceless sites and objects with the Ray II, while enabling regular inspections and the power to transform scans into breathtaking 3D models for virtual exhibitions

Civil infrastructure

The Ray II takes infrastructure inspection and design up to the next level, capturing structures with world-class precision and speed, improving driving safety and resilience in construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, wind turbines, tunnels, dams, and more


Boasting innovative technology, the Ray II equips archaeologists with the power to easily generate research-ready 3D excavation documentation, preserve artifacts and fossils digitally, and conduct detailed site analyzes


Investigators can now quickly document entire scenes and evidence as the portable, wireless Ray II introduces a new era of forensic investigation

Technical specifications

Specifications Artec Ray II
Distance, m: up to 110
Range error, mm/m: <0,7/15
Angular accuracy, ": 25
Noise level at 90% reflection coefficient, mm/m 0,12/15
Noise level at a reflection coefficient of 10%, mm/m: 0,3/15
Colors: wo fully integrated 5MP cameras
Weight, kg: no more than 5

Features and benefits

Check & Adjust

If your device isn’t perfectly calibrated, your scanner will either automatically calibrate itself by scanning the surroundings, or let you know if further action is required

Remote scanning

When scanning something large, in an inaccessible location, or at a height you can’t safely be on, control your scanner easily and from a distance with the Artec Remote App

Real-time registration

Track the scanner’s movement in real time with feature tracking and advanced algorithms for intuitive 3D-space navigation including Ray II’s Visual Inertial System (VIS), Altimeter, compass, and Global Navigation Satellite System

Automatic removal of moving objects

Ray II’s smart auto-removal of moving objects that may enter or exit the scene keeps all captured data focused on exactly what you need

Аккумуляторная система непрерывного питания

Лазерный 3D-сканер Ray II, работающий от двух аккумуляторов с возможностью горячей замены и еще двух в режиме ожидания, готов к работе в течение полных 8 часов. Нужно больше времени? Заряжайте во время сканирования и заменяйте устройство без простоев

Защита от воды и пыли: IP54

Ваш сканер защищен, а ваша работа — в безопасности благодаря защите от воды и пыли Ray II, предназначенной для предотвращения попадания частиц или влаги в ваше устройство

Силовая пара

Непревзойденное сочетание двух интеллектуальных беспроводных сканеров: дальность действия и скорость Artec Ray II для полных сцен и крупных объектов, а портативный Artec Leo — для определенных областей и ракурсов. Ray II дальнего действия также интегрируется со всеми другими 3D-сканерами Artec за считанные секунды


В судебно-медицинской экспертизе повышенная точность цветопередачи облегчает выявление важных доказательств, таких как пятна крови

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