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Silo scales


Electronic silo scales are used for weighing of raw and the materials placed in the silo (hopper) at commercial and technological operations.

Electronic silo scales
Electronic silo scales

According to vessel configuration silo scales are laid on three or four supports, in each of it the load cell is mounted. Signals from load cells unite in a junction box from which the total signal on stain cable arrives on an input of the weighing terminal.

The product is weighed directly in the storage reservoir that shortens a production cycle.

At weighing of liquids and absence of increased requirements to metrological characteristics of scales the system on the reduced quantity of load cells is possible.

If it is necessary electronics of scales can manage process of loading-unloading of a product. In this case silo scales turn to a butcher of discrete action. Electronics of scales can manage loading-unloading of one component single-component dosing or several components (up to five) multicomponent dosing. A mode of multicomponent dosing:

  • storage in memory to 16 recipes;
  • dosing modes: a straight line, the direct cyclic, reverse, reverse cyclic;
  • information issue on interfaces a current loop, RS-232, RS-485;
  • a programmed delay of disconnecting of relay;
  • statistics accumulating on weight of doses and quantity (max. 256) doses;
  • external discrete inputs: START, STOP, RESET and PRINT.

Silo scales are made with capacity from 50 kg to 70 and more.

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