ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Platform scales for static weighing KODA-P modification PT-4

КОДА (Ukraine)

Platform electronic scales KODA-P PT-4
Platform electronic scales KODA-P PT-4

Electronic scales for use in the field of legally regulated metrology.

Certificate of Verification of Type No. UA.TR.002.CT.0136-18 Rev.0 of 04/04/2012, valid until 03/04/2028.

Accuracy class according to DSTU EN 45501: 2016- medium (III).

The design of the KODA-P scales provides for operation in places with vibrations from operating mechanisms. Scales are recommended for placement in industrial facilities.


  • platform: has a large margin of safety. The thickness of the sheet is 4 mm. Platform coating: primer, enamel. The material of the platform is structural steel. The corrugated sheet prevents sliding of the load along the platform. Observance of flatness and straightness of the platform makes it possible to install the scales in the pit.
  • panel version of the weighing terminal; metal case, IP54 on the front panel; LED or liquid crystal display.
  • industrial interface RS-485;
  • dosing function with three / six relay signals.


  • setting two weighing ranges with own division price for each range.
  • summation of weighing results.
  • fixing the maximum weight value.
  • measuring the number of objects of the same weight (counting mode).
  • detection of cargo weight hit in a given interval (90 intervals).
  • print a label with the date, time, code of the goods.
  • control of a multi-component dispenser, mixer, flowmeter.
  • monitoring the status of external sensors, the formation of time delays.
  • automatic control of one and two high-speed component feeders.
  • smoothly loading components.
  • number of recipes - 1 ... 6.
  • number of components - 1 ... 6.
  • overdose correction.
  • eight output control signals.
  • eight control inputs.
  • number of steps in the dosing cycle -1 ...... 32.
  • counting of dosing cycles.
  • self-powered clock.
  • turn on / off the backlight.
  • connection to the computer or controller port via RS232, RS485 (you can connect several devices with a total cable length of up to 1 km).
  • controlling the dispenser via external signals or a computer.

Optional accessories:

  • ramp
  • armored cable
  • duplicate display
  • TPKODA software
  • software for connecting to 1C
(Max), kg
(Min), kg
Price division
(e=d), g
Platform size, mm
Two interval execution according to DSTU EN 45501: 2016. Commercial weighing
* Other combinations of platform sizes and maximum weighing limits are possible according to customer requirements.

The documentation kit that comes with the scales:

  • No. UA.TR.002.CT.0136-18 Rev.0 of 04/04/2012, valid until 03/04/2028.
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Operating manual in Ukrainian with an impression of the verification stamp on the passage of the primary verification.

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