ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Caston-III Series

CAS Corp. (South Korea)

Electronic crane scales Caston-III series
Electronic crane scales Caston-III series

The basic functions:

  • weight display gross, net and tare;
  • weight averaging;
  • sample of tare to 100 % from capacity;
  • automatic installation of zero;
  • averaging of indications at unstable loading;
  • summation of weight of weighed cargoes.

The basic technical characteristics:

  • power source from accumulators (two complete sets with a charger), 72 hours;
  • functions: zero installation, tare weight subtraction, computation of weight of unstable loading (hand-operated or automatic switching on), summation of weighings, a mode of the low- power consumption;
  • a full-function remote control;
  • autocalibration;
  • auto zero tracking;
  • class of protection IP 67.

Models of crane scales Caston-III series:

Model 5 THD 10 THD 15 THD 20 THD
Capacity, kg 5000 10000 15000 20000
Increment, kg 2 5 10 10

According to the additional order:

  • control and data transmission on a radio channel to remote terminal TW-150.

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