ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pressure gauge type 532.51, 532.52, 532.53, 532.54

WIKA (Germany)

Absolute pressure measurement is not dependent on atmospheric pressure. Designed for corrosive pressure media and ambient conditions. For gaseous and liquid, in the case of the coupling flange also for contaminated and viscous pressure media.
Accuracy classes: 0,6 (type 532.51), and 1.0 (type 532.52), 1.6 (type 532.53), 2,5 (type 532.54).
Structure and mode of action. Leaf spring separates the cavity from the measured pressure element and the reference chamber pressure with zero reference pressure. The pressure difference between the cavity with the measured pressure and a reference pressure chamber causes a deformation (measuring the path) of the leaf spring. The support surface protects the sensing element from the effects of the load pressure. The measuring path is derived from the pressure chambers through the fur or corrugated pipe, and is transferred by a connecting rod pointer mechanism.

Pressure gauge type 532.51, 532.52, 532.53, 532.54
Pressure gauge type 532.51, 532.52, 532.53, 532.54

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 100, 160
Measuring range (EN 837-3/5) 0…25 mbar to 0…25 bar absolute pressure
Class (EN 16 005) 0,6 (type 532.51), 1,0 (type 532.52), 1,6 (type 532.53), 2,5 (type 532.54)
joining External thread below G 1/2 В
Sensing element Lamellar spring, chrome-nickel steel CrNiCo alloy
Housing Chrome-nickel steel, with a hole for pressure equalization
Execution High resistance to overloads, long service life, metal seals in the cavity of the measuring element, protected from incompetent access
Possible options / features Liquid filling (type 533.ХХ), strong front part (53Х.3Х), opened joining valve, miniature flange for vacuum technology, fixing edge in front or back side, bracket to wall mounting or pipe mounting (data sheet AM 09.07), electrical contacts for HP 100 (data sheet AE 08.01), Hall sensor for HP 100 (data sheet AE 08.02 ), special execution (type 532.53) with an extended range of the beginning of the scale, etc.
Data sheet РМ 05.02

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