ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Level switch for bulk VEGAVIB 61

VEGA (Germany)

Vibration level switches Level switch for bulk VEGAVIB 61

Vibrating level sensor for bulk materials VEGAVIB 61 reliably determines the level of powdery or granular materials, avoiding interference from dust or changes in the physical properties of the substance. Smooth with no cavities surface sensor vibration sensor of bulk materials VEGAVIB 61 provides long-term operation without the need for technical maintenance. Typical application of the level switches VEGAVIB 61 can be overfill containers or minimum level filling detection of tanks. Level sensor for bulk materials VEGAVIB 61 has no mechanical parts and can be used as exceeding level sensor and working-level sensor.

  • Application: bulk solids from 20 g/l;
  • Material of the sensing element: stainless steel 316L;
  • Process fitting: thread from G1A, flanges from DN50 or hygiene;
  • Process temperature: -50…+250°C
  • Process pressure: -1…16 bar (-100…1600 kPa)
  1. Threaded version G1
  2. Hygienic Tri-Clamp with 1½"
  3. Modification with temperature adapter

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