ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Trade scales Digi DS-788

Teraoka Seiko (Japan)

Trade scales Trade scales Digi DS-788

  • bright LED display;
  • large numbers that are easy to read;
  • power supply: AC power supply and the battery 12V;
  • operating work time of scales without charge - about 12 hours;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • eight direct access buttons allow you to display the unit price by one touch;
  • summing the purchases with accumulation the results;
  • tare sample function;
  • high-speed of weighing.
    Model range
    • DS 788 PM (Pole) - Scales with rack;
    • DS 788 BM (Bench) - scales without rack, the indicator for buyer is built into the housing.
  • Specifications:

    Weighing range and increment Max 15 kg d=е=2g/5g
    Max 30 kg d=е=5g/10g
    Display LED
    Weight 5 symbols
    Price 5 symbols
    Cost 6 symbols
    Power supply AC with 220 V (+10%,-15%) frequency (50+1Hz) or a battery 6 V, 5 А*h.
    Power consumption Not more 7,2 W
    Platform size 340 х 243 mm
    Operating temperature range От -10 до +40° С

    Additional information