ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland)

Optical CMM TESA-VISIO 300

Manual or automatic video measuring machines for contactless measurement. Models with manual control can be supplied with TESA-VISTA - the software solution for metrological tasks in the world of industry. These easy-to-use machines can also be equipped with software PC-DMIS, which is a powerful system for studying the items in 2-D and 3-axis directions.

Working on the software PC-DMIS-vision, machine version with automatic motorized control able to operate in automatic mode. These machines are among the most competitive on the market today.

Main features:

  • motorized zoom of 20x to 130x, and even more, depending on the screen;
  • LED light source, so there is no thermal effect;
  • incident light (episcopic) created a double row of 24 LEDs, grouped into 4 segments (Frenel lens), each of which is controlled individually. Brightness is configurable with software. Coaxial illumination available as an option.
  • transmitted light (overhead) from the green LED with adjustable brightness;
  • laser pointer (class 1) for locating the measurement area;
  • coordinate measuring table with optoelectronic incremental scales;

    Resolution 0.05 mm

    -Measuring space X = 300mm, Y = 200mm, Z = 150 mm

    -Unlock system providing the ability of quick moving the table in the X and Y (manual models) directions.

    -Right- or left hand control in the X and Z directions.

    -Maximum load on table is 16 kg

  • 17" LCD display
  • Software TESA-VISTA or PC-Dmis has the function of edges detection.


Easy-to-handle measuring software with user-friendly interface. It allows to measure a large number of geometric shapes quickly and accurately.

Main features:

  • Displaying the current position on the X, Y and Z on screen with a resolution of 0.001 mm.
  • Zeroing the chosen coordinate with a simple mouse click
  • Metric or inch system of measurement
  • Descartes and polar coordinate system
  • Ability to save the video
  • Graphical presentation of a pre-specified and measured geometric elements
  • Automatic determination of edges
  • Support and controll measurement in Z direction.

Supported geometric elements and measurement functions

  • point
  • radius
  • diameter
  • arc or circle
  • angle
  • straight
  • distance (X / Y)
  • groove
  • measuring Z axis
  • interposition
  • squareness
  • parallelism
  • theoretical point
  • theoretical diameter
  • conversion of X and Y zero point.

Software PC-Dmis Vision

Having numerous possibilities of programming, software PC-Dmis Vision provides a large supply of functionality implemented using the upgrade to more advanced algorithms.

All measurement protocols can be configured for the most comfortable user experience and further processing and storage in a variety of formats.

Main characteristics

  • Measurement in real time to the subpixels
  • Programming on the principle “pointed and clicked”
  • Automatic determination of edges (increase the positioning speed, precision positioning crosshair accuracy and repeatability of measurements)
  • Taking the large number of points for measurement errors of form with high accuracy
  • Import CAD-files of various formats
  • Stand-alone (off-line) drawing up measurement programs
  • Easy programming
  • Reverse engineering and export to CAD-format
  • Automatic detection of increase is used. No need for re-calibration of the measuring lens during programming.
  • Automatic or manual control
  • Simplified control in Z direction by focusing using computer graphics mode
  • Display of all measured values on the screen, including the results of measurements of relative position of geometric elements and edge definition.

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