ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Indicating and adjustment module PLICSCOM

VEGA (Germany)

Indicating and adjustment device Indicating and adjustment module PLICSCOM

Universal module settings and display gauges VEGA

Menu in Russian, powered by the level sensor, connect and disconnect without turning off the power. Option: built in heating at low temperatures.

  • Display: dot matrix
  • Signal: bus I2C
  • Sensors: family plics® and plics® plus
  • Process fitting: in the sensor or in VEGADIS 81
  • Ambient temperature: -15…+70°C
Optimum ratio of compactness, functionality and convenience:
  • Logically formed structure of clear menus;
  • Four buttons for quick navigation and parameter input;
  • Protect settings from unauthorized changes with the PIN code;
  • Convenient use due to installation on the device in one of the four positions rotated by 90°;
  • The graphical display shows mnemonic symbols and graphics;
  • Quick setup of several similar devices with one PLICSCOM module using the copy / paste function of data and settings.

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