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Application Artec scanners and digitization services for objects

КОДА (Ukraine)
"KODA" company provides services on 3D-scanning of objects of any dimensions and complexity. Scanning can occur both at the customer (in case if it is impossible to transport the object of scanning) and in the office of the enterprise "KODA". Provision of this service implies the execution of the scanning process.

The customer receives the final 3D model of the object as a file.
File formats: STL, OBJ.

3D Scanning technology
3D scanning technology, developed by Artec 3D , allows you to obtain information about the surface of objects (depth) with high accuracy and speed, , using the principle of structured lighting, and the camera built into the scanner captures the texture of the object. Thanks to this technical solution, 3D-scanners Artec allow you to receive high-precision full-color computer models of complex objects.

All data is obtained by projecting a special grid at the parallax angle onto the scene objects. The lattice projection distortions created by the geometry of the objects make it possible to calculate the exact position of each of its points in three-dimensional space. The resulting points are triangulated, forming a polygonal surface, which can be represented in any of the common formats.

The devices based on Artec 3D technology can be integrated into complex spatial systems for shooting various objects.

Areas of application
Shoe upper scanning
The use of original devices minimizes damage to the shoe uppers during scanning. For scanning it is used unique equipment that provides high scanning accuracy (0.05 ... 0.1 mm).

We have developed a special scanning technology, which allows to exclude the influence of the material of the shoe upper on the results of scanning. This makes it possible to create high-precision and high-quality models of shoe uppers made of wood, polyethylene, gypsum and other materials.

The resulting model can be used for working in specialized shoe software products, such as Shoemaster, Shoe Upper, etc.

Original samples from various materials. Scan result - 3D model
Original samples from various materials. Scan result - 3D model
Foot shape scanning

The model obtained in a process of scanning can be used to create individual models of sports shoes without the use of plaster cast. The scan results also allow to design the special orthopedic shoes.

Scanning a person´s face

High scanning accuracy makes it possible to obtain 3D models of a high-quality human face, conveying all its features and distinctive forms with a high level of detail, and the time-lapse scanning technology allows capturing not only a static facial expression, but also its facial movements. Such models greatly simplify the work of animators, cartoon makers, etc.


The basis for diagnosing functional disorders of the spine is the principle of using raster stereography to reproduce the three-dimensional surface of the human back. During the analysis, the so-called Q-angle is determined, which is performed as measurement of the frontal asymmetry of the spine from the patient´s photograph. For this method of identifying deviations in the shape of the spine, the images obtained as a result of 3D scanning are ideally suited.

Due to the high accuracy of the 3D measurement of the clinical parameters of the human body, diseases such as scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis and rotational displacement of the vertebrae can be identified. In addition, this method of obtaining images, unlike classical radiographic examinations, is safe and can be used in regular preventive examinations in order to timely detect diseases.


All those who follow a diet or exercise, want to see the results of their efforts. For an instructor or a nutritionist, it is also extremely important to be able to follow the progress and make the necessary adjustments to the diet or the program of the client´s classes. Unfortunately, at present the only means of monitoring are mirrors, scales and measuring tapes.

3D scanning images obtained as a result of scanning present the client with a detailed visual report of the dimensions of his body, due to which it is possible to track the changes in his form. This method of obtaining 3-dimensional images is completely safe and can be used for regular analysis of the results of training or diet, which allows you to make timely adjustments to your wellness program.


High-precision 3D models of human body elements enable the prosthetic specialist to design and fabricate a limb prosthesis that matches the physiological characteristics of the patient´s body quickly and without unnecessary measurement.

Plastic surgery

According to statistics, about 35% of people who have decided on a plastic surgery, later are disappointed with its results. This problem arises due to the fact that clinics often do not have enough modern visualization methods that would allow the client to get a better idea of his future appearance before the operation starts.

This method of obtaining 3D images in combination with modern methods of processing the image, allows a potential client to obtain exhaustive information about the shape of his body after the operation.

Clothes design

3D models of the human body obtained as a result of scanning, can be used in the work of model agencies. Using the mathematical model of the customer´s body allows you to design an individual dummy. This reduces the number of interim visits and customer visits to the manufacturer. Special software allows you to automate the process of designing clothes.

Scanning architectural forms and decor elements

The results of scanning can be used in the process of creating complex elements of exclusive furniture, forms for making molds, recreating complex relief elements of columns, bas-reliefs, monograms, etc.

Scanning mechanisms, prototyping

3D scanning technology allows creating models of complex structures, mechanisms and parts.

Scanning car parts, auto tuning

3D scanning is a quick and easy way to get 3-dimensional models of car design elements.

The scanning technology allows you to get 3D models of the interior, interior trim and other elements of the car.

This technology can also be used, solving the tasks of tuning, repairing rare models, repair, etc.

Making sculptures

The creation of sculptures involves working with complex curvilinear profiles and surfaces.
When creating a sculpture, using the electronic model greatly simplifies the task. The time of posing a person for a sculptor is reduced, in fact, to several minutes, which is necessary for scanning.

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