ISO 9001:2015
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Magnetic angle sensor RE36 5V and 24V, with a bearing

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

Angle sensors Magnetic angle sensor RE36 5V and 24V, with a bearing

The convenient and technological design of the sensor ensures its easy installation and operation.

The magnet is mounted on the shaft and is located inside the sealed sensor housing. Its rotation detects a chip placed inside the case, transforming the changes in the gradient of the magnetic field into an output signal of a certain format. The resulting signal is interpolated, resulting in its bit capacity being increased to 13 bits (8192 signals / rev). The maximum operating speed of the shaft of the sensor reaches 20,000 rpm. The output signals are compatible with all industry standards and are transmitted in incremental or analog formats.
The hermetic housing of the sensor, with a diameter of 36.5 mm, has a degree of protection - IP68. RE36 can be used in a variety of devices.

  • Diameter, mm: 36,5
  • Sensor weight with 1 m cable (without connector), g:
    - IP53 radial cable - 105
    - IP64 / 68 radial cable - 128
  • Length of the sensor together in the shaft, mm:
    - IP64 / 68 - 54
    - IP53 – 47
  • Housing version: with bearing
  • Resolution, bit: up to 13 (8192 signals / rev)
  • Output formats: incremental and analog (compatible with industry standards)
  • Maximum rotational speed, rpm: up to 20000
  • Maximum error: ± 0.3 °
  • Supply voltage, V: 5 and 24
  • Degree of protection: IP53, IP64, IP68
  • Cable output: radial
  • Shaft diameter, mm: 6
  • Connector types: without connector, 9-pin or 15-pin "D" connector (parallel format only)
  • Operating temperature, ° C: -25 to +85 (depends on the type of output)
  • Material of the sensor´s housing: aluminum

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