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Scales for animals

Scales for animals
Scales for animals

Scales for animals (large and small cattle) consist of a load-receiving corrugated platform and a fence with two outlets. Powder coating of metal structures and components made of stainless steel ensure a long service life of the scales.

Scales are certified in accordance with the 2016 standards.

Description of scales Certus Hercules CHB

  • Platform: grooved low profile construction with height 120 mm made of structural steel on four load cells, with a safety grating with two doors;
  • Scales mass with cage is 220 kg, without cage - 150 kg;
  • Load cells and pylon: high-quality stainless steel 17-4RN;
  • Protection degree in accordance with ГОСТ 14254: IP 68;
  • Weighing terminal CHBm: IP 67; housing material - stainless steel
  • Weighing terminal: IP 20; housing material - ABS plastic
  • Power supply: from the 220 V network and from the built-in 6 V battery; 4 Ah;
  • Operating temperature range - from minus 10 to plus 45 ° C;
  • Connect to PC via COM port.

Functions and features of Certus Hercules SNK scales

  • Tare sample up to 100% of capacity, gross/net mass determination;
  • Summing function, which allows you to store the weighing data and recall the accumulated mass;
  • Auto zero tracking;
  • Lock of scales if the loaded mass of the goods exceeds the maximum capacity;
  • Battery life of the scales is up to 70 hours.

The scales meet the requirements of the current regulatory documents of Ukraine:

  • ДСТУ EN 45501
  • Technical regulations for non-automatic weighing instruments
  • Technical regulations for electromagnetic compatibility of equipment
  • Technical regulations for low-voltage electrical equipment

Documentation kit for scales:

  • Certificate of Type No. UA.TR.113-0010 / 04-16 dated June 29, 2016, valid until June 28, 2026.
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Operating manual with the stamp of the verification stamp (based on the positive results of the evaluation according to the F module of the Technical Regulations).

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