ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Hexagon MI DEA (Italy)

Bridge-type CMM CMM ALPHA

ALPHA is an innovative line of fuel-efficient coordinate measuring machines of average performance, which easily combines high performance and accuracy with operating reliability and simplicity of maintenance.
ALPHA series machines are ideal for the control of molds and dies, base members and prefabricated structures.

Measurement range, mm:
2000×3300×1000 to 2500×5000×1800

ALPHA series machines can be supplied in two versions, ALPHA STATUS with precision measurement and ALPHA IMAGE with improved accuracy. Both options can have the same mechanical and functionality, but have different technical solutions, causing different measurement accuracy.

Improved accuracy of the ALPHA IMAGE machine version caused by the use of optical reading heads with higher resolution, ceramic quill (quill car STATUS version made of aluminum), the compensation system of linear thermal expansion (optional for versions STATUS) and feature DUAL READ - optic line installed at each of the cantilevered gantry (STATUS machine version is equipped with a line-motion control of the axis Y, set on the left cantilevered gantry).

Both models are equipped with optional air bellows and the longitudinal axis of the movable sleeve.

More information about the software for work with this equipment can be found in the section "Software and Automation Systems" or go to: Software for CMM, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

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