ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

STANDARD GAGE (universal micrometer)

Hexagon MI STANDARD GAGE (Switzerland - China)

Micrometer is universal measuring tool that is used to measure geometric parameters of an object with high accuracy. Depending on the purpose, micrometers can differ constructively, have measuring surfaces of various shapes, different operating ranges and accuracy. Measurement results can be displayed using a vernier or an electronic scoreboard.

The maximum versatility of the micrometer is achieved by using replaceable measuring surfaces, each of which is suitable for measuring specific details.

Universal micrometers can be bought for measuring the thickness of soft materials, sheet metal, thread diameter, pipe wall thickness, measurement of groove and groove parameters, geometry control of gears, etc.

Micrometer can use a direct and relative measurement method. In the first case, the micrometer readings correspond to the measured value, in the second case the measurement results correspond to the deviation of the measured value from the reference value.

Key features and specifications:

  • Spindle with carbide measuring surface;
  • Heel from hardened steel;
  • Friction drum;
  • Price division, mm: 0.01;
  • Supplied in a separate box with an inspection report.

Type Measuring range Error A d
00114053 0 … 25 0,004 28,5 3
00114054 25 … 50 0,004 53,5 5

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