ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Tubular pressure transmitters

WIKA (Germany)

Tubular pressure transmitters are particularly suitable for use in flowable and viscous media. Since these pressure transmitters are integrated in pipelines, no disturbance in the direction of flow occurs as a result of turbulence, angles and "dead spaces". The flow of the medium is unobstructed and ensures the cleaning of the measuring chamber. The pressure transfer device consists of a shell part of a cylindrical shape into which a thin-walled or profile tube with a six- or eight-cantile section is welded in a circular manner. The tubular pressure transmitting device is attached directly to the pipeline between two flanges. Thus, there is no need to connect special sites for measurements. Different nominal diameters allow to make a fit for the respective cross sections of the pipelines. The pressure range reaches max. 400 bar for flanged connections ND 6 ... ND 400. Temperature limit + 400 ° C.

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