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KGW series

EHP Wagetechnik GmbH (Germany)

Electronic crane scales KGW series
Electronic crane scales KGW series

The massive high-strength designed scales of KGW series are made for long operation in harsh working conditions. Special electronic system protects against electromagnetic interference and reduces the impact of mechanical parts of scales on the results of measurements, incl. during the movement the scales with the load. Scales are recommended for particularly complex production conditions and intensive operation.

They are included into the State Register of measuring instruments of Ukraine under № У 2509-10. Accuracy class – middle - EN 45501:2007

The accumulator, charger, remote control is standard set of scales.

Main applications:

  • metallurgical industry, uses with electromagnetic washers;
  • weighing cargo with any geometric dimensions and weight;
  • dosing systems, incl. weighing of liquid metal;
  • input and output product control;
  • control and testing of cranes and mobile transport systems.

The basic functions:

  • weight indication gross-net;
  • sampling of tare weight to 100% of LEL;
  • overload warning;
  • battery discharge signal;
  • possibility of automatic shutdown after the end of weighing.

Distinctive features of the scales:

  • mechanical strength reserve for metal construction: 200% of NWL for static load; 520% of the NWL for peak dynamic load;
  • protection of the sensor and electronics from mechanical and electromagnetic influences;
  • small overall height;
  • single or double heat shield of high-strength steel;
  • bright LED display with a symbol height of 50 mm (the data on the display is easy to read at a distance of up to 50 m);
  • battery life: up to 110 hours in weighing mode without recharging;
  • operating temperature range: -20 ... + 90 ° C;
  • protection class: IP 65 (can be used year-round in open areas);
  • different versions of the scale with any size of the earring and hook, including the version with two earrings and two-horn hooks;
  • large number of additional service functions customizable for a specific customer, taking into account the features of the work and the characteristics of the cargo to be weighed;
  • weighing of long and bulky cargoes, using the combined system "Master-Slave" .

Models of crane scales KGW series:

Model KGW 1 KGW 2 KGW 5 KGW 10 KGW 20 KGW 30 KGW 50 KGW 70 KGW 100
Capacity, kg 1000 2000 5000 10000 20000 30000 50000 70000 100000
Increment, kg 0,5 1 2 5 10 10 20 20 50
Mass of the scales, kg 69 69 69 82 240 240 580 890 1550

By the additional order:

  • a special casing for protection against high temperatures;
  • thermoprotective covering;
  • fixed hanging hook;
  • double eye for a double hook;
  • double hook;
  • various devices for data transmission and control on a radio channel, including possibility to print the data on a label – DRC 433, Telebox SPS, Teledata;
  • big additional display with possibility of acceptance of a signal on distance to 500 meters from scales. Height of symbols of the additional display is 140 mm that allows operator to read results of weighings on distance about 200 meters even in the conditions of low visibility (a smoke, a dust, etc.);
  • carrier for transportation and storage of scales out of a working zone.

Warranty period:

  • Warranty service - 3 years from the date of sale. Post-warranty service during the term of exploitation is carried out by the service center of Ukrainian-American joint venture KODA.

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