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Additional devices to EHP scales

EHP Wagetechnik GmbH (Germany)
All scales manufactured by EHP-Wägetechnik GmbH can be equipped with devices for wireless data transmission. Basing on the needs and tasks of the customer the scales can be equipped with the necessary.

Modernization of weights consists in selecting and installing radio modem in the scales. Selection of the modem (with a reception radius up to 100 or up to 500 m) depends on the operating conditions, the location of weights and transceivers, weighed cargo characteristics, etc. In any case, choosing the devices our specialists should inspect the place where the equipment exploits. In some cases, it should be test- installation of equipment to identify and solve potential problems. To exclude false reception signal (while using few weights in the operating area) every scales have the ability to customize to their "own" radio. At the same time it is possible to use up to 8 weights (with the radio on the range at 100 m) and up to 28 weights (with the radio on the range at 500 m). Then the transceivers are selected in accordance with the requirements. Several devices can work at the same time with each weight, it extends the functionality of the equipment. Below is a list of devices, which can be used with description, and also advices on choosing a particular model.

DRC 433
DRC 433

Portable transceiver DRC 433 (reception radius up to 100 m or 500 m) with indication and functions of summation and data storage (memory card included). The display panel shows the current weight and scales condition. Management of weights is by using radio: entering the weight of container (from the keyboard and by weighing, entering product code, reset, testing, switching off.

  • Used mainly for duplication the data from weights. It is convenient for weighing cargos at height, in bright sunlight etc;
  • Transmission of all the commands by radio.
  • Saved data on the memory card can be transferred into the computer.

Transceiver EHP USB Box without the indication (reception radius up to 100 m or 500 m) is for receiving the data and transmitting them into the computer via the USB.

  • The fastest, cheapest and informative way to transfer data into the computer;
  • Used in complex with a computer and software for systematizing and storing database.

Transceiver EHP Telebox SPS (reception radius up to 100 m or 500 m) with indication and a simple set of functions (tare, zero, summation and data storage. Output RS-232C, RS-485, 4 ... 20 mA, relay outputs. Self powered.

  • Industrial modification for dosing systems based on the crane scale.

Transceiver EHP Teledata (reception radius up to 100 m or 500 m) has the display, waterproof keyboard, filled in printer for the printing on the stickers and the output RS232C. Date, time, mass, the total amount (a summation), data about the loads, data about the enterprise etc can be printed. Self powered.

  • Used mainly for input/output production control with the printed data on the label;
  • A similar system on functionality is USB Box + computer + software + external printer.

EHP Large Display with the height of symbols 100, 150, 200 or 250 mm (a range of reception only 500 mm), lets to read the data in a distance about 200 m even in conditions of low visibility (smoke, dust, etc.). Aluminum body IP65.

  • Easy in work and durable.
  • Does not require special service;
  • An ideal solution for the weighting control in a complex with CCTV;
  • Fits in the most convenient angle for viewing the data from all points of space.

Software can be written by our specialists or by customer himself. Cost of software bases on the volume of works, requirements of costumer and is calculated individually for a specific task.


During weighing the long constructions (over 12 m) and nonstandard large size cargos (containers) occurs some problems as security and accuracy of indications. To solve this task we can use a system of several weights. The principle of operation of the system «Master-Slave» is: The «Master» weights add to its data of weightings the mass of all the «Slave» weights in the system and display the total mass of the material. The «Slave» weights display «_ _х_ _», where x – the number of weights (possible from 1 to 3). Transmitting of data is over the radio. It is possible to use in this system up to 4 weights (one «Master» and three «Slave»). In addition, «Master» weights can transmit data to a computer, portable control display, duplicate displays and other peripherals. All the weights, which included into the system, may be reconfigured at any time as independent units. Company EHP-Wägetechnik GmbH was founded in 1974. For our days its production is spread more than 40 countries, such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, India, Australia etc.

Netscale  TCP/IP Ethernet
Netscale TCP/IP Ethernet

Transceiver Netscale TCP/IP Ethernet is a network hub for connecting to the enterprise process control system. Built-in 2 GB memory. Reception radius is 500 m. Controls up to 16 weights at one frequency. Communication via Ethernet 10/100 network interface using the UDP protocol. Dimensions are 130 × 85 × 40 mm.

Advantage: ability to serve at the same time 16 scales on one frequency.

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