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Optical incremental linear encoder RGH41

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

Encoder RGH41
Encoder RGH41

When working with the open, non-contact reading head of the RGH41 encoder a RGS40-S unique scale tape with a step of 40 μm by Renishaw is used, with a resolution of up to 50 nm!

Features and benefits of the RGH41 reading head

A compact and robust reading head with an integrated interpolator provides digital and analog output signals that meet the industry standard.
- High speed and reliability of work with zero friction and no mechanical wear.
- Scale with a step of 40 microns allows you to work with wide tolerances when installing the reading head.
- Simple installation and setup procedure due to the presence of a special built-in LED indicator.

The patented optical signal filtering system guarantees high signal stability under conditions that do not allow the use of most open optical encoders.
- The zero mark ensures the repeatability of the initial position, and the limit switches - the automatic signal giving the initiating stop of the moved node.

Scale tape RGS40-S with 40 μm steps

RGS40-S is made of a thin, flexible steel strip that is applied to the gold coating to provide high reflectivity and corrosion resistance. This tape can be fixed using a self-adhesive basis on most of the materials used in the industry, including metals, ceramics and composite materials.
- The tape is supplied on a reel, it is possible to cut parts of the necessary length, up to 70 m.
- Using the RGS-S ribbon allows you to simplify the temperature compensation thanks to its temperature characteristics to the characteristics of the base on which the tape is attached.
- There is a special device for fast and accurate installation of a scale tape.
- The lacquer coating of the tape is easy to clean and is resistant to external influences, which occurs when manipulating the tape.
- You can always cut a piece of any required length, which optimizes inventory management and minimizes waste.
- High accuracy of the linearity of the scale 3 μm / m ensures high overall accuracy with a simple adjustment procedure.


Built-in LED
head position indicator
Measuring range, m: optical scale RGS40S up to 50
optical scale RGS40P up to 50
Length, m: optical scale RGS40S from 0,1 to 50 (more than 50 m by special order)
optical scale RGS40P from 1 to 50
Resolution of digital output signal RS422, nm: 50, 100, 200, 400, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000
Resolution of analog output signal: 1 Vpp
Step of the scale, mkm: optical scale RGS40S 40
optical scale RGS40P 40
Max speed, m/s: for digital output signal up to 15
for analog output signal up to 8
Clearance between reading head
and optical scale, mm:
0,8 0,15
System accuracy at 20 C, μm/m: optical scale RGS40S 15 ( 3 with 2-point compensation)
optical scale RGS40P 15 ( 3 with 2-point compensation)
Scale option: optical scale RGS40-S - with self-adhesive base
- optical scale RGS40-P - with self-adhesive base
Coefficient of thermal expansion, μm/m/: optical scale RGS40-S - corresponds to the substrate material, the ends of the scale are fastened by clamps
- optical scale RGS40-P - corresponds to the substrate material, the ends of the scale are fastened by clamps
Supply voltage, V: 5 5 %
Current consumption (without load), mA: 120 (in typical conditions)
175 (RGH41N, W, Y, H)
Material: optical scale RGS40-S - thin, flexible steel gilded strip with protective lacquer coating
- optical scale RGS40-P - thin, flexible steel gilded strip with protective polyester coating for increased resistance to the effects of aggressive chemicals
Cable: flexible, 12-core with double shielding, outer diameter 4.7 mm, cable service life for bending more than 20 x 10 6 cycles with a bend radius of 50 mm
Length of the cable, m: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 3, 5 (D-type connector (15-pin), round connector (12-pin), in-line connector (16-pin) or free terminal (without connector))
Dimensions of the reading head RGH34 (height × length × width), mm: 17,0 × 44,0 × 27,0
Mass of the reading head, g: 50
Mass of the cable, g: 38
Reference mark (zero): Magnetic actuator (one-way repeatability up to 1 resolution unit)
Limit switches: optical scale RGS40S paired
optical scale RGS40P paired
Temperature, : process from 0 to + 55
storage from 20 to + 70
Degree of protection: IP50
(without compensation), %:
process 80
storage 95
Process acceleration, m/s 2: 500
Impact (in non-operating state,
6 ms, half-sinusoidal impulse), m/s 2:
Vibration (in operation mode, at, at 55-2000 Hz), m/s2: 100

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