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Optical incremental linear encoder RGH34

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

Encoder RGH34
Encoder RGH34

An open, non-contact RGH34 encoder is a multipurpose miniature modular system. This device is intended for use by OEM manufacturers in cases where the installation of a conventional read head is not possible, while the RGH34 system ensures the reliability of compact precision linear actuators, microscopes and coordinate tables (Microstage systems).

Characteristics and benefits of the RGH34 reading head

- Possibility of integration into a number of microsystems.
- High speed and reliability of work at zero friction and absence of mechanical wear.
- Signals from the reading head RGH34 are converted to standard digital and analog outputs in the RGI34 interface.
- Low mass (less than 2 g) allows to minimize the inertia of the system.
- A scale of 40 μm steps allows you to work with wide tolerances when installing a reading head.
- A special LED indicator (on the RGI34 interface unit) simplifies the installation and configuration procedure.
- Patented optical signal filtering system ensures high signal stability under conditions that prevent the use of most open optical encoders.
- Zero tag provides repeatability of the initial position, and limit switches - automatic feeding of the signal initiating the stop of the moving node.
- RGH34 system allows you to read from a 40-μm scale from the RGS40-S scale band and 40 μm in the glass ruler RGS40-G, as well as with an industry-standard 40 μm glass ruler.

Scale tape RGS40-S with 40 μm steps

RGS40-S is made of a thin, flexible steel strip that is applied to the gold coating to provide high reflectivity and corrosion resistance. This tape can be fixed using a self-adhesive basis on most of the materials used in the industry, including metals, ceramics and composite materials.
- The tape is supplied on a reel, it is possible to cut parts of the necessary length, up to 70 m.
- Using the RGS-S ribbon allows you to simplify the temperature compensation thanks to its temperature characteristics to the characteristics of the base on which the tape is attached.
- There is a special device for fast and accurate installation of a scale tape.
- The lacquer coating of the tape is easy to clean and is resistant to external influences, which occurs when manipulating the tape.
- You can always cut a piece of any required length, which optimizes inventory management and minimizes waste.
- High accuracy of the linearity of the scale 3 μm / m ensures high overall accuracy with a simple adjustment procedure.

RGS40-G glass ruler with 40 μm steps

Reading from the glass ruler RGS40-G in 40 μm steps can be performed by the RGH34 head. The RGS40-G is ideally suited for cases when it is necessary to move the ruler apart from the substrate. The compensation of temperature influence on the parameters of the RGS40-G lineup is performed by the host controller using temperature sensors.
- Rulers with lengths from 120 mm to 1 m are offered.
- The coefficient of thermal expansion ≈ 8.5 μm/m/C.
- Accuracy < 5 μm/m.
- Easy to install, directly on the substrate, using a base bracket and mechanical clips or a self-adhesive backing.


Built-in LED
head position indicator
Measuring range, m: optical scale RGS40S up to 50
optical scale RGS40P up to 50
optical scale RGS40G up to 1
Length, m: optical scale RGS40S from 0,1 to 50 (more than 50 m by special order)
optical scale RGS40P from 1 to 50
optical scale RGS40G from 0,13 to 1,01
Resolution of digital output signal RS422, nm: 100, 200, 400, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000
Resolution of analog output signal: 1 Vpp (with interface RGI34B)
Step of the scale, mkm: optical scale RGS40S 40
optical scale RGS40P 40
optical scale RGS40G 40
Max speed, m/s: for digital output signal up to 8
for analog output signal up to 6
Clearance between reading head
and optical scale, mm:
1,5 0,15
System accuracy at 20 C, μm/m: optical scale RGS40S 15 ( 3 with 2-point compensation)
optical scale RGS40P 15 ( 3 with 2-point compensation)
optical scale RGS40G from 0,7 to 4,2 (depending on the length of the scale)
Scale option: optical scale RGS40-S - with self-adhesive base
- optical scale RGS40-P - with self-adhesive base
- optical scale RGS40-G - with base bracket and mechanical clamps or with self-adhesive base
Coefficient of thermal expansion, μm/m/: optical scale RGS40-S - corresponds to the substrate material, the ends of the scale are fastened by clamps
- optical scale RGS40-P - corresponds to the substrate material, the ends of the scale are fastened by clamps
- optical scale RGS40-G - ≈ 8.5, fastened with clamps
Supply voltage, V: 5 5 %
Current consumption (without load), mA: 120 (in typical conditions)
150 (for versions RGI34N and RGI34W)
Material: optical scale RGS40-S - thin, Flexible steel gilded strip with protective lacquer coating
- optical scale RGS40-P - thin, Flexible steel gilded strip with protective polyester coating for increased resistance to the effects of aggressive chemicals
- Optical scale RGS40-G - Glass ruler with chrome strokes
Cable: life of the cable when bending more than 10 x 10 3 cycles with a bending radius of 5 mm
Length of the cable, m: 0.05, 0.1, 0.15 (thin micro-connector, 10-pin FPC-cable Flexible printed loop - with zero connection force)
Dimensions of the reading head RGH34 (height × length × width), mm: 9,5 × 15,0 × 15,0
Mass of the reading head, g: 2
Mass of the interface, g: 3
Reference mark (zero): Magnetic actuator (one-way repeatability up to 1 resolution unit)
Limit switches: optical scale RGS40S single
optical scale RGS40P single
optical scale RGS40G paired
Temperature, : process from 0 to + 55
storage from 20 to + 70
Degree of protection: IP00
(without compensation), %:
process 80
storage 95
Process acceleration, m/s 2: 500
Impact (in non-operating state,
6 ms, half-sinusoidal impulse), m/s 2:
Vibration (in operation mode, at, at 55-2000 Hz), m/s2: 100

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