ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Forpost. ActiveX.V

КОДА (Ukraine)

The software component for running your software with electronic wagon scales. The component is connected to 1C: Enterprise or other software that supports standard Microsoft ActiveX tools (COM objects) and contains all the necessary procedures for reliable and safe weighing of cars.

The component takes all the features of the physical connection to the scales, displays all the necessary weighing information and organizes a clear and rigorous weighing procedure in such a way that it is impossible to obtain data from the scales without fulfilling all the conditions of successful weighing.

Component weighing wagon with elements of video fixation and control
Component weighing wagon with elements of video fixation and control

In addition, the component window displays:

  • flags for permitting weighing, without fulfilling the conditions of which, the mass value from the component is not transmitted;
  • snapshots from CCTV cameras, which are fixed at the time of taking the mass;
  • masses of the carriages of the vagon and their difference, the values of the longitudinal and transverse displacement of the center of gravity of the vagon.

The component settings are password protected and their changes are logged. All data is stored in a secure manner. Intermediate storage of data in text files and data transfer in the clear is not used.

In addition to transferring data to the Customer´s software, ForpostActiveX.V contains its own secure weighing and event database that allows you to compare the data transmitted by the component and the customer´s received software.

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