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Forpost. ActiveX.LE

КОДА (Ukraine)

"FORPOST.ActiveX.LE" is a simple control element for a weighing terminal. It is presented as an ActiveX component for embedding into applications running Windows OS, written in various programming languages and applications that can import ActiveX, as well as for 1C. It is intended for connection of scales and weighing terminals of various manufacturers.

General view of the components of FORPOST.ActiveX.LE
General view of the components of FORPOST.ActiveX.LE

The component "Forpost ActiveX.LE" consists of the weighing panel "FORPOST.ActiveX.LE". To use the component, you must have at least one built-in RS-232C port or USB to RS-232C converter. It also requires a cable to connect to the weighing terminal (load cell). The pinout and wiring diagram must match the operating instructions for the usable weighing terminal. If you select the "Demo" protocol, the reception and display of data from the weighing terminal will be simulated.

Window for setting up the connection with the scales.
Window for setting up the connection with the scales.

"FORPOST.ActiveX.LE" supports the following protocols of weight terminals:

  1. Bilanciai D400 and D410 with protocols:
    • Bilanciai "ESTESA";
    • Bilanciai "CB";
  2. CAS firms: CAS "CI", CAS AP, AD, DB, EM, SW.
  3. Terminals "KODA":
    • KODA "K2b";
    • KODA 3;
    • KODA 4.
  4. Certus companies: SNK terminals, Hercules, balance Balance, Trade.
  5. HBM firms:
    • HBM "Auto.A"
    • HBM "SerD";
    • DIS2116.
  6. WI-2001 (Satelite).
  7. ESIT PWI (modes Mode1 and Mode2), ESIT ARC

This list can be expanded by adding the protocols of other terminals connected to the PC using the RS-232C interface. It is possible to work with protocols with continuous data transmission or on request, depending on the type of the weighing terminal.

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