ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

ETALON 125 series

Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland)

Dial calipers ETALON 125 series

Main features and specifications:
  • rotating dial gauge in a plastic cover and with 32 mm diameter;
  • deviation limit of up to 100 mm is 20 mm, when more than 100 mm - is 30 mm;
  • lock screw to record the measurement results;
  • shock-proof;
  • frame with metal dial.

Type Range (mm, inch) Division value (mm, inch) Mm or inches / circle
075115821 0…150 mm 0,02 mm 1 mm

Thrust claw for depth measurement
Thrust claw for depth measurement
Type Description
00560013 thrust claw for depth measurement, measurement surface 75 × 6 mm

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