ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Level sensor VEGAPULS 42

VEGA (Germany)

Radar level sensors Level sensor VEGAPULS 42

VEGAPULS 42 is the ideal compact sensor for non-contact level measurement of liquids and bulk materials in process plants. The optional universal connection with hygienic adapters reduces installation effort and saves inventory and is ideal for hygienic process requirements in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the modern IO-Link output interface, it ensures continuous transfer of digital data.

VEGAPULS 42 level transmitter operates at 80 GHz and is equipped with a circular, color, customizable status indicator.

  • Application: a variety of liquids and bulk solids in simple to moderate conditions
  • Measuring range: up to 15 m
  • Connection: threaded or hygienic
  • Operating temperature: -40…+130 °C
  • Working pressure: -1…+16 bar (-100…+1600 kPa)
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 2 mm
  1. Threaded connection G¾, ¾ NPT;
  2. Threaded connection G1, 1 NPT;
  3. Hygienic connection G1 with O-ring and display unit.

Three-wire IO-Link output (two transistors or one analog 4...20 mA plus one transistor)

  1. Nutrition;
  2. PNP switch;
  3. NPN switch;
  4. Current output;

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