ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Level sensor VEGAPULS 61

VEGA (Germany)

Radar level sensors Level sensor VEGAPULS 61

VEGAPULS 61 radar sensor for continuous level measurement of liquids under simple process conditions. VEGAPULS 61 is an economical solution with simple construction and mounting into the capacity. Fully plastic encapsulated antenna system jf radar sensor VEGAPULS 61 does not require cleaning and maintenance. Radar sensor VEGAPULS 61 is supplied in two versions of antenna systems: with thread and flanged process fittings. This allows to mount the sensor into the capacity of any design.

  • Application: corrosive liquids in small capacities under simple conditions;
  • Measuring range: up to 35 m;
  • Connections: Thread G1 ½ A, mounting strap or flange;
  • Process temperature: -40…+80 ° C;
  • Process pressure: -1…+3 bar (-100…300 kPa);
  • Measuring precision: ± 2 mm.
  1. With encapsulated antenna system
  2. Version with plastic horn antenna
  3. Mounting strap
  4. Adapter flange
  5. Compression flange

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