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KODA-W wagon scales for static weighing TWS modification


KODA-W wagon scales for static weighing TWS modification
KODA-W wagon scales for static weighing TWS modification

Since 2003 KODA Company Ltd. offers to customers wagon scales TVS modification.

Wagon scales for static weighing KODA-V designed for static weighing of freight cars in the commercial, accounting and technological operations.

Wagon scales produced by UA KODA company added into the State Register of measuring instruments of Ukraine 2050-05, Russia 31392-06, Belarus 03022841-06, Azerbaijan 1445-2006, Georgia 390-06.

Wagon scales for static weighing KODA-W consist of two platforms. The trolleys of the wagon, which is going to be weighed are installed into the platform.

Each of the platforms on the strength characteristics designed in such a way that allows to load it up to 100 tons and allows passing the locomotive on weights. This corresponds to the load scheme 71 UIC (International Union of Railways).

The length of the platform is 4,5; 5,0 and 5,6 m. The length of the intermediate element between the scale`s platforms could be variable. Combining the length of the platform and the length of the intermediate element, our experts select the best option of wagon scales for weighing the wagons with different base and different number of axes.

Weighing terminal Bilanciai D400 is a modern multifunctional device. The large graphic display and control procedures makes work with terminal much more convenient and understandable.

Weighing terminals, which are used in our company allows to transfer the results into the printer, microcontroller (interface current loop) and also transfer data to the PC or into the computer system of enterprise management.

The supplied software TWSKODA is based on years of experience manufacturing wagon scales and software to them and meets all the essential requirements of large and small businesses, which need to organize accounting of inbound and outbound goods traffic going through the wagon scales.

The scales can be installed in a place of loading the bulk materials (grain, coal, ect.) without uncoupling cars.

Their feature is ability to determine the displacement of the center of gravity of the wagon relative to the longitudinal and transverse axis of the wagon, and transfer the data to the weighing terminal or directly into a personal computer.

On customer request wagon scales can be equipped with additional options.

The video surveillance system is certificated in Ukraine.

Wagon scales as well as weighbridges could be equipped with analog load cells CPR or digital load cells CPD produced by Bilanciai (Italy). This company is a leading manufacturer of weighbridges and wagon scales in Europe. Load cell housing is made of stainless steel. Cover protection of load cells - IP68.

The specialists of our company make the full cycle of works, from design works to delivery, installation and commissioning works. Our company gives warranty and makes post-warranty service.

Warranty period - 18 months from the date of commissioning.

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