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Wagon scales

КОДА (Ukraine)

Our company proposes you a wide assortment of wagon scales KODA for weighing in static and dynamic modes. Scales are able to weigh wagons during loading and can be equipped with the definition system of longitudinal and transverse center of gravity of the wagon.

Wagon scales KODA correspond to the standard ДСТУ EN 45501: 2016 Non-automatic weighing instruments. General technical requirements and test methods. This standard is harmonized with international standard EN 45501.

Wagon scales KODA are electronic: wagon makes pressure into the platform mounted on load cells, the signal from the sensors processes by weighing terminal or personal computer and converts into a weight value. The electronics, which uses in KODA´s wagon scales, produces in Italy by the world´s leading manufacturer of weighing equipment - "Bilanciai".

The second important component of quality wagon scales - the platform. Wagon scales KODA may include one, two or three platforms. These platforms are made at the factory and before the exploitation they are obligatory passing laser diagnostics of geometrical parameters and ultrasound diagnostics of welded joints.

The scales are setting into a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation. As option it could be proposed the foundation with unloading under the scales or a precast concrete foundation.

The existing mechanical wagon scales may be modernized into electronic by some modifications of platforms and foundations. This requires a preliminary examination of concrete and metal construction strength.

Wagon scales KODA supplied with free standard software TVKODA. Standard software can be supplemented with modules which determine the center of gravity of the wagon, systems of video surveillance and identification numbers of wagons.

Wagon scales for static weighing

Wagon scales for static weighing

KODA-WD railway scales for weighing in static and dynamic modes

KODA-WD railway scales for weighing in static and dynamic modes

Modernization of wagon mechanical scales into electronic

Modernization of wagon mechanical scales into electronic

Additional services:

In order to organize the automated workplace of the carload weighbridge operator, KODA has developed a specialized software for TWKODA , which allows achieving a new level in the organization of accounting and control of the work of the units of weight accounting at the enterprise.

In order to improve the reliability and safety of weighing, it is proposed to equip the carload weights of KODA with additional equipment: traffic lights, wheel position sensors, car numbers readers, video surveillance, etc.

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