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KODA-WD railway scales for weighing in static and dynamic modes

Wagon scales produced by KODA company have the max weighing capacity from 100 to 200 tons. Our specialists are selecting such location of the platform that allows you to weigh all types of wagons which are used by the customer.

Depending on requirements of the customer, the scales can be equipped with load cells of different manufacturers and weighing terminals with different functionality. As a rule, we use load cells and secondary weighing converters of foreign manufacture - Bilanciai (Italy) - a leading manufacturer of weighbridges and wagon scales in Europe. This equipment provides good metrological and technical specifications of scales, as well as high reliability of operation in a wide range of temperatures and under various external environmental influences.

There are some ways of cooperation, one of which - the customer can order the scales "turnkey", second - part of works the customer makes himself: from foundation to manufacturing of the platform.

KODA company also offers the wagon scales for weighing wagons in motion. This scales will have less accuracy then static one, though if the cargo flow is great it allows to reduce time of weighing. During weighing the wagon has to move with speed from 3 to 8 km/h.

Supplied secondary weighing converters allow to print any type of weighing results, as well as transfer them to a computer. For this goals you can use standard software, designed by KODA or the software, designed in according to needs of the customer.

The specialists of our company make the full cycle of works, from design works to delivery, installation and commissioning works. Our company gives warranty and makes post-warranty service.

Modification TWD

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Modification  TWD

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