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Truck scales in Ukraine

КОДА (Ukraine)

UA Company KODA Ltd offers a wide range of weighbridges and wagon scales for static and dynamic weighing for all industries and agriculture.

All KODA weighbridges are electronic: the operating principle is based on the transformation of load cells signal into the code, which is displayed by weighing terminal as load weight. Thus the weighing quality and all metrological characteristics are determinated by such electronic components as load cells and weighing terminals. Our Company uses load cells and weighing indicators manufactured by Bilanciai (Italy) – the leading manufacturer of weighbridges and wagon scales in Europe, and also the US and China production.

The second important component of high-quality truck scales is the platform. The patented design of Module A weighbridges is universal, modular, with the possibility of assembly, dismantling and transfer to another place of operation at any time of the year. Their assembly is performed with less construction works due to the concrete foundation.

If you have a mechanical weighbridges and thus the state of the platform, the length and capacity of weighbridges are satisfactory, we advise to make a modernization of mechanical scales to electronic.

KODA truck scales have successfully passed certification for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations in Ukraine for non-automatic weighing devices. As a result of certification was issued a Certificate of verification type: UA.TR.002.ST.0136-18.

Company KODA installs weighbridges in all cities and regions of Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Our standard services include installation, calibration and commissioning of truck scales. Conformity assessment with current technical regulations for certified truck scales is carried out by accredited metrology bodies with the participation of KODA specialists. The maintenance of truck scales is included into the standard package with best price. The cost of truck scales depends on several parameters, which are customized according to the questionnaire, filled in by the customer. We provide standard software for truck scales for free. NEW: due to the FORPOST System weighbridges manufactured KODA can be integrated into the overall enterprise logistics system with the ability to create a computerized control unit of trade and traffic flow. The processes will be automated according to the customer needs and wants and minimizing the human factor.

KODA-A weighbridge for static weighing

KODA-A  weighbridge for static weighing

Weighbridges for weighing in motion

КОДА (Ukraine)

Weighbridge upgrading

КОДА (Ukraine)
Weighbridge upgrading
Upgrading of mechanical scales. Budget modification of scales into the modern electronic scales with the opportunity of saving the weighing data and displaying information on the computer. You will receive reliable, easy maintaining electronic scales. This equipment corresponds the modern metrological requirements.

Upgrading allows to increase the weighing limit up to 80 tons and platform extension to 24 meters.

Additional services:

For organization of the automated workplace of the operator of automobile scales by KODA company, specialized software TASKOD , which allows to reach a new level in the organization of accounting and control of the work of weighing units in the enterprise.

In order to increase the reliability and safety of weighing, it is proposed to equip KODA weighbridges with additional equipment: traffic lights, barriers, wheel position sensors, electronic tag readers, video surveillance, etc.

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