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Weighbridges KODA-A TAC modification


The scales are made according to requirements 33.2 19371667.002-2004 Weighbridges for static weighing KODA-A.

Weighbridges are in the State register measuring equipment of Ukraine 1989-04, Russia 31351-06, Belarus 03 02 2842 06, Azerbaijan 1446-2006, Georgia Geo 389-06.

Picture 1 - Ramp execution of scales
Picture 1 - Ramp execution of scales
Picture 2 - Trench execution of scales
Picture 2 - Trench execution of scales

Weighbridges of TAS modification are installed on a monolithic reinforced concrete foundation. Execution of scales can be both ramp (overground) and trench (deep).

The scales has all-metal platform 3 metres wide, which length can differ in the range from 8 to 24 metres. Platform of the scales may consist of one to four sections mounted on load cells (from 4 to 10 pcs).

The weighbridges of UA Company KODA Ltd production can be equipped both with analog load cells (CPR) and digital load cells (CPD).

Bilanciai D400 is a modern multipurpose device. Work with it is much more comfortable and obvious because of a big graphic display and procedure of management with menu in Russian, including a setup mode.

To secure the commercial calculation our company offers software TASKODA, which is based on the long-term experience of manufacture of weighbridges and the software to them and satisfies the basic requirements of large and small enterprises having necessity of the organization of the account entering and proceeding goods stream, going through automobile scales.

Capacity, t Increment, kg Platform, m
20 - 40 5/10 8 3
20 - 40 5/10 9 3
30 - 40 10 10 3
30 - 40 10 11 3
30 - 40 10 12 3
40 - 60 10/20 16 3
60 20 18 3
60 20 20 3
60 20 24 3
80 - 100 20 24 3

The use of digital load cells CPD in weighbridges has a number of advantages:

  • higher stability of scales and stability to side loadings;
  • . raised protection against hit of lightning discharges. The use of original mountain kits decreases the probability of failure of system or its components if lightning discharges influence scales or a territory near them;
  • in case of failure of one or several load cells, additional calibration of scales is not required, it is enough to make replacement of the load cell or load cells and to execute correcting actions in options of indicator in a telephone mode with experts of UA Company "KODA" Ltd;
  • in case of failure of the indicator it is enough to copy the information of calibration from system of load cells of the damaged indicator to the new indicator and capacity for work of scales will be restored. This procedure can be also executed in a telephone mode in short period of time;
  • making diagnostics, revealing the reasons of system malfunctions, replacement of system components are performed for smaller period of time and with smaller expenses in comparison with performance of the same operations in analog weighing systems (in particular, the experts coming to an object). In digital weighing systems malfunctions can be revealed and eliminated in a telephone mode. It reduces expenses for service of scales in connection with possibility of reducing quantity and duration of departures of experts from manufacturer to an object;
  • the length of cable distributing from a digitial load cell to the room of operator (weighing room) can reach 1000 m. Thus increase of length of available cable distributing does not demand system calibration;
  • for protection from rodents the load cell completes with armored cable.

On demand of customer, weighbridges can be equipped with automatic barriers and the monitoring system of movement of motor transport and recognition of car numbers, measurements of characteristics of transport streams.

The monitoring system of movement of motor transport allows:

  • automatically read number (the state registration sign) and to write it down in a journal;
  • to write down the results of recognition in a specialized base of all vehicles which have passed a zone of control, adding the image, the number, the date, the time of registration and a direction of movement of each truck to the base;
  • to realize the algorithms of adaptive regulation and management of an autos taking into account real road and transport conditions, to fix the facts of stoppers, to count real loadings of an autos passage through scales etc.;
  • to carry out a connection to the databases created beforehand;
  • to create operative bases and updating without a stop of system work;
  • to form a sound signal to the operator to attract the attention in case of emergency situations;
  • to model any combinations of system reactions;
  • to carry out samples, to create reports with various parameters;
  • to carry out work with external devices - traffic lights, barriers, systems of weight control;
  • to carry out measurement of movement speed by the means of the certificated radar or to estimate speed by the change of the image size (at fixed video camera).

The specialists of the UA Company KODA Ltd carry out the full cycle of work, from design to mounting, starting-up and adjustment and agreed the scales with the Ukraine regional authorities, their warranty and extended service. At the same time all the customers requests about choosing a place of installation, fulfillment, overall dimensions of scales etc. are considered.

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