ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Weighbridges for the agrarian sector

КОДА (Ukraine)

KODA-A  weighbridge for static weighing Weighbridges for the agrarian sector

For work in agricultural KODA company designed special scales Module-A AGRO for weighing the road trains and long vans.

The length of the platform is 18...24 m and can be extended if required. Maximum weight is 80...100 t. Axle load is 16 tons. The intensity of use is very high (300 weighings per day). Good quality and reliability of the scales provided by using original parts, produced in Europe (Bilanciai, Italy) and patented construction Module-A (patent number 8047 issued 15.10.2003) ).

  • Installation
    Installation of Module-A AGRO is made without capital construction works. Due to modular construction and precast foundation, the scales can be dismounted and moved to another place of operation.

  • Quick installation
    Installation of the scales can be done any season without welding works in five days.

  • Exploitation

    Operation temperature is in a range -30…+50С°, a stable wprk is guaranteed within an allowable error ranging from -40 to + 70C ° (in the street).

  • Easy maintenance The height of the scales is 400 mm, that allows easy access for cleaning, reduces probability of clogging dirt under the platform in summer and load cells icing in winter for operation in extreme conditions. The product is very easy to use and does not require highly skilled personnel.
  • Truck scales - Module-A AGRO
    Truck scales - Module-A AGRO
  • Load cells
    We use CPR and CPD load cells (Bilanciai, Italy) accuracy class C4, thereby ensuring, increased stability and resistance readings of scales to side loads. Load cell housing is made of stainless steel. Protection degree - IP68.

  • Lightning protection
    The probability of breakage of weights and their components because of lightning is minimized by using only original node insertions (Bilanciai, Italy) and built-in arrester in the load cells, the terminal and the junction box.

  • Cable
    Load cell output cable is located in a special sealed metal shell, has an increased resistance to rodents’ attacks, resistant to dust, moisture, temperature changes and corrosion. The cable also has a high protection to “noises” from external sources. The cable system is characterized by a degree of protection IP68, and is made from high-quality components from European manufacturers.
  • Load cell Bilanciai (IP68, stainless steel) with armored signal cable
    Load cell Bilanciai (IP68, stainless steel) with armored signal cable
  • Weighing terminal
    Weighing terminal D 400 (Bilanciai, Italy) has the full functioned device equipped with a large graphic display and menu in Russian language. It can operate independently and as a part of the automated enterprise management.
  • Weighing terminal Bilanciai with Russian menu
    Weighing terminal Bilanciai with Russian menu
  • TASKODA Software
    TASKODA software in russian language with an intuitive interface makes it possible to: keep records of incoming and outgoing goods traffic through the weighbridges, a database of client-companies and cargos, weighing book with details of the operations. .

  • TASKODA software for truck scales
    TASKODA software for truck scales
    It is possible to connect Module A weighbridges with analog system Bilanciai into a logistic chain of enterprises. This software gives you an ability to create a computerized system for managing trade and transport flows with minimization of human factor and automation of processes. Thanks to introduction of systems such as proximity cards, RFID tags, barcodes, information boards, barriers and traffic lights, the web interface, wi-fi access, video surveillance software for the workplace involved in the chain the customer receives a completely controllable processes. .

  • Metrology
    Our scales correspond to all requirements of the new European standard EN 45501 DSTU: 2016, which spreads over weighing equipment and introduced in Ukraine since 01.07.2016.
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