ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Modernization of weighbridges with carrying capacity increasing and platform extension

КОДА (Ukraine)

Mechanical weighbridges  before upgrading
Mechanical weighbridges before upgrading

As a result of this modernization the load plate is extended to the desired length (18/20/24 meters) and increases the weighing capacity of weights, usually up to 60 or 80 tons.
Upgraded weighbridges KODA-A TAC-80-20
Upgraded weighbridges KODA-A TAC-80-20

This upgrade of mechanical scales is difficult and time consuming. It requires much time and additional materials.
List of works for modernization:

  • dismantling of end walls framing the excavation;
  • elongation of the foundation pit;
  • manufacturing concrete walls - the additional part of the foundation pit;
  • manufacturing additional support elements of the foundation;
  • manufacturing the additional sections of the platform;
  • strengthening existing platform, docking with a new section.

Modernization of old weights with elongation of the platform compared with buying new weights can be economically viable in cases when the customer meets the above works himself with available materials according to drawings and instructions of the "KODA" company.

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