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Pressure gauge type 700.01, 700.02

WIKA (Germany)

The 700.01 is widely used to control differential pressure, even at high operating pressures in water, gas and water and gas treatment systems.

The 700.02 version with a separating diaphragm is designed for liquid media and is also used in the field of water purification and water supply.

Pressure gauge type 700.01, 700.02
Pressure gauge type 700.01, 700.02

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 80
Measuring range (EN 837-1 / 5) Type 700.01: 0 ... 400 mbar to 0 ... 10 bar, type 700.02: 0 ... 160 mbar to 0 ... 4 bar
Accuracy of readings +/- 3% (type 700.01), +/- 5% (type 700.02) of the final scale value with increasing differential pressure
Sensitive element Compression spring, chrome-nickel steel
Magnetic Piston Chrome-nickel steel, magnetic ferrite
Separation membrane NBR (type 700.02)
Attachment Chrome-nickel steel, female thread, side (left or right), opposite, 2 x G 1/4
Body Aluminum die casting, black
Possible variations / features Other options for connection via internal or external thread, control pointer of the maximum, etc.
Sample sheet PM 07.14

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