ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pressure gauge type 732.51

WIKA (Germany)

The differential pressure gauge is made of stainless steel of high corrosion resistance, has an all-metal, all-welded measuring chamber to ensure tightness (no rubber sealing elements).

High safety at overpressure is achieved through an all-metal construction and an accurate membrane design for measuring pressure.

Thanks to high-quality stainless steel and strong construction, this gauge is used in chemical and technological processes. Used for measurements in gaseous or liquid media, also used under aggressive external conditions.

For various applications, different scale ranges are possible from 0 ... 16 mbar to 0 ... 25 bar.

Pressure gauge type 732.51
Pressure gauge type 732.51

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 100, 160
Measuring range (EN 837-3/5) 0…16 mbar up to 0…25 bar
Accuracy class (EN 837-3/6) 1,6
Process fitting Internal thread from below 2 x G 1/4 V, chrome-nickel steel
Sensing element Up to 0,25 bar: chrome-nickel steel, more than 0.25 bar: NiCrCo-alloy
Housing Chromium-nickel steel, with a hole for pressure equalization
Исполнение Welded construction with a diaphragm and a pressure chamber, a pressure chamber under the dial, inlet pressure from below.
Possible variants / features Hydraulic filling (type 733.51), body with solid front wall (type 73X.31), accuracy of readings above 1.6, air outlet valve in the measuring chamber for ranges over 0.4 bar, zero adjustment, side connection (right, left, front , other types of connection via external or internal thread, simultaneous indication of differential and operating pressure, mounting kit for mounting on walls or pipes (data sheet AM 09.11), mounting flange from the front, pressure equalization valve (data sheet AM 09.11), signal contacts (data sheet AE 08.01), remote sensor (data sheet AE 08.02), and others.
Data sheet РМ 07.05

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