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Thermometer bimetal type 46

WIKA (Germany)

Bimetal thermometer model 46 is mainly used in heating systems, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for temperature monitoring processes.

Thermometer bimetal type 46
Thermometer bimetal type 46

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 50, 63, 80, 100
Measuring range, °С / price division of the scale, °С 0...60 / 1, 0...120 / 2
Class (DIN 16 203) 2
Sensing element bimetallic spiral
Process conection removable protective tube, sealing fastening to choose from: with adjusting screw
Connection position from the back side
Housing aluminum, galvanized steel, black plastic
Connection protective tube G1/2A
Possible variants / features other ranges of indications, etc.
Data sheet ТМ 46.02

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