ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Software TPKODA

КОДА (Ukraine)

TPKODA software is designed to automate the process of weighing on platform electronic scales for static weighing, manufactured on the basis of weighing electronics produced by Bilanciai (Italy), CAS Corp. (S. Korea), HBM(Germany), KODA (Ukraine) and other on request.

This program is based on many years of experience in the production of electronic scales and software to them and meets all the basic requirements of large and small enterprises that need to organize the accounting of incoming and outgoing goods coming through the scales.

Main window
Main window

Main features of the software:

  • Continuous indication of the measured weight and monitoring the performance of some platform scales or two scales in parallel;
  • A simple and intuitive weighing procedure allows the operator to accelerate the operation of the scale. Only elementary computer skills are required;
  • Control of the operator´s actions does not allow performing incorrect or contradictory operation, records the actions of the operator and emerging non-regular situations;
  • Flexible configuration of the interface and features of the weighing procedure;
  • Maintaining databases of enterprise customers, goods and used containers;
  • Maintain a weighing book with the details of the operations performed;
  • Convenient printing of the weighing book with a selection of information on days and shifts;
  • Printout of waybill with a fixed or flexibly configurable format;
  • Delineation of access rights and program management rights, database protection by modern methods of encryption of information in tables using a client-server database;
  • Ability to view and process information on a local computer network of enterprises to display the contents of databases and analyze the flow of goods to other computers of the enterprise.
Weighed load processing window
Weighed load processing window

After installation, the program operates in a demonstration mode - an imitation of information which is received from the scales, and at each startup the contents of all databases are deleted. After acquiring the TPKODA program, you are informed of the purchase key, after which you enter the program is put into the operating mode of servicing some platform scales, and after purchasing the expansion key, you will be able to simultaneously service two platform scales. For details about the procedure for registering the program, see Configuring the program.

Setup window
Setup window
p>The "DB "Enterprises ","DB "Loads", "DB "Weighed Tare" and "DB "Scales operators" windows enable the operator to view and edit contents of the relevant databases.

The "DB "Weighing book" window allows the operator to view and edit contents, and the administrator can edit contents of the corresponding databases. In order to limit the access to databases built-in DB protection Paradox is used. For read-only access (operator) click Cancel in response to the password request. To get access with editing options (DB administrator) enter the password (only asterisks are displayed) and click OK.

By clicking on the Waybill key, retroactive print out of an waybill without number of the selected DB "Weighing book" records is activated.

The «BD «System Instances»» window allows to view contents of the fiscal database, that contains the key system instances.

Reports window
Reports window

System requirements:

  • A personal IBM-compatible computer located at a distance of not more than 20 m from the terminal of the scales, with the Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 operating system installed;
  • One or two (for advanced mode) of a free COM port (RS-232C) or USB-COM converter;
  • The required disk space is 200 MB plus additional space for storing databases, expanding depending on the dynamics of the flow of goods at the enterprise;
  • A monitor with a diagonal of at least 17 inches for comfortable operator work and a resolution of 1024x768 or 1152x864 for a widescreen monitor;
  • If you use a video surveillance system, you need a separate hard drive with a recommended capacity of 500GB (depends on the number of cameras and the length of storage), an Intel Core i3 processor or the same AMD processor, 4GB RAM;
  • Any A4 printer.

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