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TASKODA software for weighbridges

КОДА (Ukraine)

The software product TASKODA is designed to automate the process of weighing motor vehicles on electronic automobile scales for static weighing, performed on the basis of weighing electronics manufactured by various manufacturers. This program is based on many years of experience in the production of weighbridges and software for them and satisfies all the basic requirements of large and small enterprises that need to organize accounting of incoming and outgoing goods flow through the vehicle scales.

Main window of the program
Main window of the program
Car processing window
Car processing window
Database window
Database window
Report window
Report window

Main features:

  • continuous indication of the measured weight and control of the performance of one or two weighbridges in parallel;
  • for scales with a long load platform, it is possible to simultaneously weigh the trailer of the car as an integral part of it, and for short platforms either weighing the trailer as a separate vehicle or weighing in succession with the total weight of the car and the trailer;
  • special mode of total weighing on two platforms;
  • Weighing mode with entering the tare value from the keyboard;
  • A simple and intuitive car maintenance procedure allows the operator to accelerate the operation of the balance. Only elementary computer skills are required;
  • control of the operator´s actions does not allow performing incorrect or contradictory operations, it records the actions of the operator and the arising extraordinary situations;
  • flexible configuration of the interface and features of the weighing procedure;
  • maintenance of databases of suppliers, "Weighing book", "Enterprises", "Cargo", "Machines on the territory", "Tara", "Packaging", "Drivers", "System events";
  • control of the time of vehicles on the territory of the enterprise;
  • Maintain a weight book with the details of the operations performed;
  • convenient printing of the weighing book with a selection of information on days and shifts;
  • printout of waybill with a fixed or flexibly configurable format;
  • accumulation of the total load statistics on the scales;
  • delineation of access rights and program management rights, protection of databases with modern methods of encryption of information in tables;
  • the use of a video surveillance system as an additional protection of the correctness of the weighing procedure while preserving the still-pictures of the moment of taking the weight;
  • connection of additional devices (traffic lights, barriers, additional displays, sensors for positioning the wheels of the car);
  • connection of automated identification devices of vehicles (RFID readers, proximity cards, number recognition systems).

Вікно накладної
Вікно накладної

The program is freely provided in the demonstration mode. To remove some limitations of the demonstration regime, you should receive a free registration key by filling out the questionnaire generated by the program and send it to us in electronic or hard copy form.

System requirements:

  • A personal IBM-compatible computer with the Microsoft® Windows® XP / 7/8/10 operating system installed;
  • One or two (for advanced mode) of a free COM port (RS-232C) or USB-COM converter;
  • The required disk space is 200 MB plus additional space for storing databases, expanding depending on the dynamics of the flow of goods at the enterprise;
  • A monitor with a diagonal of at least 17 inches for comfortable operator work and a resolution of 1024x768 or 1920x1080 for a widescreen monitor;
  • When using a video surveillance system, it is recommended that you have a separate hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB (depending on the number of cameras and the length of storage), an Intel Core i3 processor or the same AMD processor, 4GB RAM;
  • Any modern A4 printer.

Application settings window
Application settings window
Waybill settings window
Waybill settings window

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