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Additional devices to EHP scales

EHP Wagetechnik GmbH (Germany)
All scales manufactured by EHP-Wägetechnik GmbH can be equipped with devices for wireless data transmission. Basing on the needs and tasks of the customer the scales can be equipped with the necessary.

Modernization of weights consists in selecting and installing radio modem in the scales. Selection of the modem (with a reception radius up to 100 or up to 500 m) depends on the operating conditions, the location of weights and transceivers, weighed cargo characteristics, etc. In any case, choosing the devices our specialists should inspect the place where the equipment exploits. In some cases, it should be test- installation of equipment to identify and solve potential problems.

To exclude false reception signal (while using few weights in the operating area) every scales have the ability to customize to their "own" radio. At the same time it is possible to use up to 8 weights (with the radio on the range at 100 m) and up to 28 weights (with the radio on the range at 500 m). Then the transceivers are selected in accordance with the requirements. Several devices can work at the same time with each weight, it extends the functionality of the equipment.

Below is a list of devices, which can be used with description, and also advices on choosing a particular model.

Portable receiving and transmitting device DRC 433

DRC 433
DRC 433

With indication and functions ofsummation and data storage (memory card included). The display panel shows the current weight and scales condition. Management ofweights isbyusing radio: entering the weight ofcontainer (from the keyboard and byweighing, entering product code, reset, testing, switching off. Reception radius upto100 m.

Overall dimensions: 80 × 160 × 140mm.


  • itismainly used for duplicating scale readings, which isvery convenient when weighing cargo athigh altitudes, inpoor visibility (bright sunlight, fog, etc.);
  • intuitive navigation and operation menu;
  • all commands are transmitted via radio, sothere isnoneed touse aninfrared remote control;
  • expanding the functionality ofscales;
  • function ofadding and weighing abatch - the last 3 batches are displayed, aswell asthe predetermined weight ofthe load;
  • invoices (16-digit, alphanumeric code) can beadded toeach weighing;
  • saved data onthe SDmemory card can betransferred toPC, tablet, etc. upon completion ofwork;
  • USB interface for transferring weighing data;
  • timer function and date and time display;
  • remote control display size - 36 × 20 mm;
  • compatible with all old and new models ofcrane scales and EHP transmitter/receiver devices;
  • rugged housing with shock protection.

Transceiver device USB Box


Designed to receive data for subsequent transfer to a computer via the USB output. Device without data display (reception radius up to 500 m).

Overall dimensions: 85×90×40 mm.


  • the fastest, cheapest and most informative way totransfer data toacomputer;
  • isused inconjunction with acomputer and software toorganize and store adatabase;
  • the fastest, cheapest and most informative way totransfer data toacomputer;
  • isused inconjunction with aPC/laptop and Scale Control software tosystematize and store the database;
  • compatibility with all old and new models ofcrane scales and EHP transmitting and receiving devices;
  • LEDs indicating data transfer status.

Receiving and transmitting device Telebox SPS USB

Telebox PLC USB
Telebox PLC USB

Receiving and transmitting device Telebox SPS USB(reception radius upto500 m) ofindustrial design with indication ona7-segment LED display and asimple set offunctions for dosing systems based oncrane scales.

Overall dimensions: 220×50×115 mm.


  • output RS-232, RS-485, 420 mA, relay outputs;
  • autonomous power supply;
  • serial interface RS232 v.24, RS485 and USB (VCP), can beused for both PCand PLC applications;
  • possible bus connection through aseparate inverter;
  • the operator has the opportunity toenter the weight ofthe tare (for cargo handling devices chains, ropes, slings, traverses, etc.) into the scales memory, even ifthe scale isout ofthe operators field ofvision;
  • the SDcard slot allows you tostore weighing data for further processing;
  • compatibility with all old and new models ofcrane scales and ENR transceivers;
  • possibility ofcontrolling two crane scales using buttons Aand Bonthe front panel ofthe device;
  • two-way radio communication;
  • 5 relay outputs;
  • the possibility ofProfibus connection through aseparate inverter.

Large Display

Large Display
Large Display

Allows you to read measurement results at a distance of up to 200 m, even in poor visibility conditions (smoke, dust, etc.). The height of the display characters is 120 mm. Reception radius up to 500 m.

Overall dimensions: 830 2100 245 mm.


  • easy in work and durable.
  • does not require special service;
  • an ideal solution for the weighting control in a complex with CCTV;
  • fits in the most convenient angle for viewing the data from all points of space.

Multi-channel data collection device Netscale


One ofthe most important interfaces for integrating industrial data into the customers infrastructure. Network hub for connecting tothe industrial control system ofanenterprise.

Overall dimensions: 130×85×40 mm.


  • built-in memory 2 GB;
  • open Ethernet network interface (10/100 via UDP protocol) allows you tosimultaneously control upto16 scales atone transmission frequency;
  • technical compatibility and ease ofconnection tovarious customer systems (SAP, Navision and Siemens Procent);
  • control ofcrane scales. All important functions such asTARE and ZERO are available;
  • compatibility with all old and new models ofcrane scales and EHP transmitting and receiving devices;
  • range ofaction upto500 m;
  • network interface for ITsystems ornetwork applications;
  • possibility ofsimultaneous maintenance of16 scales atone frequency.

Transceiver EHP Teledata

Teledata USB
Teledata USB

Used tocontrol products atthe entrance/exit with data printing onthe label. Ithas adisplay for indicating weighing data, analphanumeric waterproof keyboard for data entry, abuilt-in label printer and aserial RS232C output. Autonomous power supply. Reception radius upto500 m.

Overall dimensions: 360 × 280 × 160 mm.


  • isused tocontrol products atthe entrance/exit with data printout onthe label;
  • The following are printed: time, date, net/gross mass, weighing counter, total sum (result ofsummation), change number, data oncargo, company, etc.;
  • USB Box + computer + special software + external printer system issimilar infunctionality;
  • possibility ofsimultaneous maintenance ofupto9 scales;
  • optionally available special software ENR Scale Control;
  • numerous interfaces can beused for further data processing inthe ITinfrastructure ofthe enterprise;
  • compatibility with all old and new models ofcrane scales and ENR transceivers.

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