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Optical incremental linear encoder TONiC UHV with a scale tape from Invar RELM

Renishaw plc (Graet Britain)

Еncoder TONiC UHV with a scale tape from Invar RELM
Еncoder TONiC UHV with a scale tape from Invar RELM

The reading head of the linear TONiC UHV encoder can be used with the RELM RELM linear scale from the InvarTM of Renishaw with optical zero marks IN-TRACTM. This encoder system provides exceptionally reliable feedback on position in ultrahigh vacuum conditions. Linear encoders TONiC UHV are designed for use in semiconductor devices and scientific equipment, where exceptional reliability and highest performance are required.

TONiC incremental reading head with high performance

All TONiC readers use Renishaw´s latest generation optical signal filtering system, now enhanced to achieve ultra-low noise. The effectiveness of this innovative system is further enhanced by dynamic signal processing, which provides automatic gain control (AGC) and bias (AOC). The output signals in this system are exceptionally clean and provide a subdivision error (SDE) of ± 30 nm, a noise level (jitter) to 0.51 nm (rms value) and a resolution of up to 1 nm.

In all TONiC scales a unique optical zero mark IN-TRAC is built in directly into the incremental channel, which allows automatic electronic synchronization to be performed simply by pressing a button. This makes it possible to perform this operation remotely. The advantage of the zero mark IN-TRAC is also that it remains synchronized at all speeds and within the entire operating temperature range.

Precision RELM scales for vacuum operation

The inverse RELM rulers provide a "zero" coefficient of thermal expansion and a total certified accuracy of more than ± 1 μm at lengths up to 1130 mm. All these advantages make such scales especially useful in the case of axes of long length, where perfect accuracy is required.

TONiC UHV reading heads are manufactured in extremely clean conditions, using materials and adhesives with low gas evidences. The finished product is packed and sealed in a special bag in order to ensure proper cleanliness.

Analysis of the composition of residual gases

The results of an independent analysis of the residual gases showed the suitability of the entire system as a whole for operation in a vacuum. The system can also be degassed at 120 degrees Celsius and then used in ultra-high vacuum conditions. Typical examples of the application of this system: feeding and moving semiconductor wafers and their verification, as well as conducting research.


Built-in LED
head position indicator
Measuring range, m: from 0,07 to 1,12
Length of the optical scale RELM, m: from 0,08 to 1,13
Resolution of digital output signal RS422, nm: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 , 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000
Resolution of analog output signal: — 1 Vpp
Step of the scale, mkm: 20
Max speed, m/s: 10
Clearance between reading head
and optical scale, mm:
2,1 ± 0,15
System accuracy at 20 ° C, μm/m: ± 1
Scale option: —with self-adhesive base
- mechanically fastened (base bracket and clamps)
Coefficient of thermal expansion, μm/m/°С: — ≈ 0,6 (temperature from 0 °C to + 30 °C)
— less than 1,4 (temperature from + 30 °C to + 100 °C)
Supply voltage, V: 5 ± 10 %
Current consumption (without load), mA: — < 100 (analog system)
— < 200 (digital system)
Material of the optical scale RELM: highly stabilized, low-expansion iron-nickel alloy (ZeroMet. - Invar)
Cable: — braided copper cable, shielded in one layer with silver foil, FEP-insulation of cores, deposited on tinned (tin-covered) copper wire
Length of the cable, m: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5 (connector type D (15-pin), mini connector for direct connection to Ti-interface)
Dimensions of the reading head TONiC T1010 (height × length × width), mm: 10,0 × 35,0 × 13,5
Mass, g: reading head TONiC T1010 - 10
- Ti-interface - 100
Mass of the cable, g/m: 14
Reference mark (zero): optical, IN-TRAC, with automatic zero-signal synchronization
Limit switches: – single, magnetic
– paired, magnetic
Temperature, °С: — process — from 0 to + 70
— storage — from – 20 to + 70
– sintering – + 120
Degree of protection: reading head TONiC — IP40
— Ti–interface — IP20
Max humidity
(without compensation, + 40 °C), %:
Process acceleration, m/s 2: 500
Impact (in non-operating state,
6 ms, half-sinusoidal impulse), m/s 2:
Vibration (in operation mode, at, at 55-2000 Hz), m/s 2: not more than 100

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