ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment
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Table scales CERTUS Base with function of deviation control from the standard

Table scales  with the function of control of deviation from the standard
Table scales with the function of control of deviation from the standard

Electronic scales for process weighing. In addition to simple weighing, the SVSr scales automatically determine the mass deviation with respect to a given rate. Scales maximally facilitate the routine work of the operator of the scales in determining the preponderance and underweight. Due to the sound signal and the three colors of the display backlight, the human error factor is virtually eliminated. Increased accuracy (in comparison with the scales of the middle class of accuracy) minimizes the error of weighing.


  • LCD display with illumination, height of symbols is 25 mm;
  • stainless steel or plastic platform;
  • installation on level by means of four adjusting legs and bubble level;
  • power supply: 220 V through the adapter of 9V line voltage, 800 miliampere, from the inset accumulator or batteries in the complete set (depending on execution);
  • operating temperatures: from - 10 to + 40 º.
  • protection degree according to GOST 14254: IP 44.
  • Protection class against electric shock according to - II.

Weighing modes:

  • simple weighing.
  • weighing with a sample of tare weight (determination of gross / net weight).
  • Multitare
  • weighing with control relative to the reference mass


  • fast and stable determination of mass: time of stabilization of indications at weighing no more than 4sec.
  • blocking the scales if the weight of the load placed on the load platform exceeds the NWL.
  • battery life time up to 70 hours.
Max, kg
Min, kg
Price division, g
Platform, mm
Increased accuracy. Technological weighing
-3 0,2
190 × 230
-15 - 1

Documentation kit supplied with scales:
  • Operating manual in Ukrainian

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