ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pocket scales Jadever JKD

Jadever (Taiwan)

Scales Pocket scales Jadever JKD

Are intended for technological weighing.

Main functions and specifications of JKD scales:

  • weighing in grams, carats and ounces;
  • sample tare up to 100% of capacity;
  • counting function;
  • auto shut off after 4 minutes absence references to scales;
  • autonomous (battery) power supply; battery lifetime 120 hours (3 batteries type AAA, 1.5 V in a kit);
  • belt case in a kit.

    Model JKD-250 JKD-500
    Max, g 250 500
    Increment, g 0,05 0,1
    Platform size, mm
    75 x 65
    Dimensions, mm
    135 x 80 x 24
    Mass of the scales, g

    Accuracy class is absent.

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