ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Bench scales Jadever NWTC

Jadever (Taiwan)

Scales Bench scales Jadever NWTC

Table scales with autonomous (battery) and AC (220 V) power supply. Designed for wide use in industrial processes. The platform is made of stainless steel, display type - LCD.

Main functions and specifications of NWTC scales:

  • sample tare up to 100% of capacity;
  • counting function;
  • NWTC - scales with two-sided display;

    Model NWTC-5K(D) NWTC-6K(D) NWTC-15K(D)
    Max, kg 5 6 15
    Increment, g 1 2 5
    Platform size, mm 210 x 190

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