ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland)

Allows you to measure by comparison large internal and external dimensions.

It consists of a measuring tool with interchangeable inserts, as well as an instrument of immense nozzles. The display is set using the reference standard, which can be either a measuring plate, or a tuning ring or a horizontal measuring stand.
Measuring inserts for measuring tool axis or error-compensated inserts - possibility to use in vertical or horizontal position - built-in dial gauge indicator to facilitate finding the culmination point - constant measuring force - insulating lining for inserts.


Main specifications:

  • measuring stop: mobile, on ball bearings, step 10 mm;
  • measuring element: waterproof, dial gauge indicator No. 14.70104 or No. 14.80101;
  • division: 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inches;
  • Measuring force: 4 to 7 N. Variable measurement direction allows for external and internal measurements;
  • measuring surfaces of measuring rods from tungsten carbide;
  • measuring rods No. 11.31901: for internal measurements along the axis of the device;
  • measuring rods No. 11.31902: for internal and external measurements, depth up to 30 mm from the bottom edge of the device;
  • Nozzles: steel pipes with a diameter of 25 mm, fixed telescopic tubes with a diameter of 19 mm.
Type Name Length, mm Permissible error, mkm
11.11900 TESA INOTEST full kit, internal size 275…1025 mm, eternal size 250…1010 mm
11.12301 Measurement element with indicator
11.31901 Pair of props for internal size measurement
11.31902 Pair of props for internal and external size measurement 60
11.32001 4 props Diameter 7 x 40
01.60101 3 thermal insulation linings (for each its own order number)
11.12001 Nozzle:

internal size 275…335

external size 250…310
11.12002 Nozzle:

internal size 325…435

external size 300…410
11.12003 Nozzle:

internal size 425…635

external size 400…610
11.12004 Nozzle:

internal size 625…1035

external size 600…1010
11.62303 Plastic case for full kit

Optional accessories

Type Name Length, mm
11.41901 Nozzles to increase the scope of application for: 500
11.41902 Nozzles to increase the scope of application for: 1000
11.62001 Pair of props with measuring inserts for internal/eternal sizes made of tungsten carbide, diameter 4 х 7 mm
11.62002 Pair of props with measuring inserts made of tungsten carbide for slots, diameter 4 х 7 mm
11.61900 Device for measuring small dimensions

internal size 35…280

external size 15…255

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