ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Universal measuring instrument TESA UNIMASTER

Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland)

It has the necessary characteristics for direct measurement of especially large internal and external dimensions.
TESA UNIMASTER is fundamentally the same as the calipers with a two-point contact with the workpiece. Made specifically for direct measurement of any size within the scope of application using external attachments with integrated measuring tips.
Precise, durable and easy to use - can be used either horizontally or vertically, with a constant measuring force - has a built-in lever-type dial indicator that clearly shows the culmination point - ensures measurement stability due to minimal deformation and thermal protection of the nozzles.

Universal measuring instrument TESA UNIMASTER
Universal measuring instrument TESA UNIMASTER

Main specifications:

  • price division of the micrometer scale and the dial gauge: 0.01 mm;
  • movable measuring stop with ball bearing and spring;
  • Measuring force: 15 to 20 N. The variable measurement direction allows for external and internal measurements;
  • greatest errors: 5 μm;
  • measuring rods with tungsten carbide inserts;
  • measuring rods No. 11.10203: for internal measurements along the axis of the device;
  • measuring rods No. 11.10205: for internal and external measurements, depth up to 60 mm from the bottom edge of the device;
  • Measuring rods No. 11.10208: Extremely rigid design for external measurements, measured depth up to 75 mm from the lower edge of the device;
  • Nozzles: steel pipes with a diameter of 38 mm with a quick connection system. In the kit there is the terminal measure of circular cross-section;
  • tungsten carbide inserts with one spherical and one flat measuring surface.
Type Name Length, mm Permissible error, mkm
11.10000 TESA UNIMASTER full kit, internal dimensions 250…1475 mm*,external dimensions 225…1450 mm*
Consist of:
11.10300 Measuring element, internal dimensions 250…275 mm, external dimensions 225…250 mm
11.10203 A pair of measuring supports for the inside sizes
11.10205 A pair of measuring supports for the inside and external sizes 75
11.10208 A pair of measuring supports for the external sizes 100
11.10501 Configuration device:

Internal size 250

external size 225
11.10101 Nozzle 25 0,7
11.10102 Nozzle 50 1
11.10103 Nozzle 75 1,2
11.10104 Nozzle 100 1,5
11.10105 Nozzle 125 1,5
11.10106 Nozzle 150 2
11.10112 Nozzle 300 3,5
11.10118 Nozzle 450 4,5
11.10124 Nozzle 600 6,5
11.30001 Special screwdriver for nozzles
11.10401 Set of pendants (4 brackets and 4 clips)
11.12401 Wood case for full kit

* when using the maximum number of nozzles – 3.

Type Name Length, mm ermissible error, mkm
11.10140 Nozzles 1000 10
11.62001 A pair of poles and slots for internal/external dimensions. Depth of measurement up to 20 mm. Measuring inserts made of tungsten carbide, diameter 4 x 7 mm
11.60001 Support roller, as a separate element (2 is needed)

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