ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Internal Micrometer TESA UNITEST

Hexagon MI TESA (Switzerland)

Measures along the tool axis with a two-point contact with the measured workpiece, offers additional accessories for measuring centering shoulders and blind holes, as well as accessories for measuring external dimensions.
Nozzles with integrated test tips can be mounted on the measuring element for direct measurement of any size within the scope of application.
Precision, easy to use micrometer - can be used in horizontal and vertical position - constant measuring force - built-in dial gauge indicator for facilitate finding the culmination point.


Main specifications:

  • division of the micrometer scale and the dial gauge: 0.01 mm;
  • division of the digital scale of the micrometer: 0.1 mm;
  • micrometer measuring range: 25 mm;
  • measuring force: from 0.7 to 1 N;
  • measuring rods are coated with tungsten carbide;
  • nozzles: steel tubes with a diameter of 26 mm with a fixing connection, covered with tungsten carbide;
  • One spherical and one flat measurement surface of the nozzles.
Type Name Length, mm Permissible error, mkm
11.10700 TESA UNITEST full kit, internal size 200…1400 mm
Consist of:
11.10901 Measurement element, internal size 200…225 mm
11.41001 Configuration device, internal/external dimensions 200
11.10801 Nozzle 25 0,7
11.10802 Nozzle 50 1
11.10804 Nozzle 100 1,5
11.10808 Nozzle 200 2,5
11.10812 Nozzle 300 3,5
11.10820 Nozzle 500 5,5
11.60901 Special screwdriver
11.62302 Wood case for full kit

Optional accessories

Type Name Length, mm
11.41101 Nozzle 1000
11.60701 Pair of measuring props for blind holes (measuring surfaces covered with tungsten carbide)
11.62301 Accessories for external dimensions

depth of measurement up to 10 mm
11.40801 Suspension, kit, depth of measurement up to 100 mm

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