ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pressure gauge type 213.53

WIKA (Germany)

Designed for measurement tasks from pulsations and vibrations (liquid-filled). Joining from the bottom or from the back side. Stainless steel case.

Pressure gauge type 213.53
Pressure gauge type 213.53

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 50, 63, 80, 100
Measuring range (EN 837-1/5) 0…0,6 to 0…1000 bar, 0…1 to 0…400 bar (НР 50)
Class (EN 837-1/6) 1,0, 1,6 (НР 50, 63)
Joining below or from the back side. НР 50, 63: G1/4B, НР 100: G1/2B,
Sensing element Burdon tube, copper alloy
Housing Chromium-nickel steel without coating, pressure relief hole, beaded ring with three-side front part
Execution EN 837-1, liquid filling: glycerine 99,7%
Possible options / features Front or back side joining
Data sheet РМ 02.12

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