ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Pressure gauge type 332.30, 333.30

WIKA (Germany)

Exemplary pressure gauge fully stainless steel with a solid protective wall, and emergency pressure relief on the back side of the housing. Design meets safety requirements according to the standards EN 837-1/9.7.2, BS 1780 and ASME B 40.1. Designed for use in aggressive environmental conditions, as well as for corrosive gaseous or liquid medium, which does not lead to blockage of the measuring system.

Pressure gauge type 332.30, 333.30
Pressure gauge type 332.30, 333.30

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 160
Measuring range (EN 837-1/5) 0…0,6 to 0…1600 bar
Accuracy class (EN 837-1/6) 0,6
Joining External thread below G 1/2 B, stainless steel
Sensing element Burdon tube, stainless steel
Housing Stainless steel, with a solid protective wall and emergency pressure relief from the back of the housing
Execution EN 837-1 safe execution (strong front part)
Possible options / features Other types of joinings, hydro filling (type 333.30), surface mounting rails or mounting flange with 3 holes for panel mounting, signal contacts (data sheet АЕ 08.01)
Data sheet РМ 03.05

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