ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Gas-actuated thermometer type 75

WIKA (Germany)

This series of thermometers has been designed for use in conditions of severe vibration and high shock loads. These thermometers offer high accuracy and reliable operation even under extreme mechanical loads. They also have a high protection from moisture and high temperature environment.

Made entirely of stainless steel. Different lengths of immersion and different forms of process connection allow to adapt to the measurement point.

Gas-actuated thermometer type 75
Gas-actuated thermometer type 75

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 100
Range of readings, °С 0...+700, -50...+650
Accuracy class (DIN 16 203) 1
Protection class IP 65
Measuring principle manometric filler - inert gas, physiologically safe
Process connection G ½ B, G ¾ B, ½ NPT
Housing Stainless steel
Possible variants / features another scale, another immersion rod
Data sheet ТМ 75.01

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