ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment

Gas-actuated thermometer type 73

WIKA (Germany)

Universal measurement on industrial objects, engineering, tanks, food industries in the construction of various equipment. The manometric thermometer is used for measuring hard to reach points or when it is at a considerable distance.

The stem, the process connection and the housing is made of stainless steel (except model Q73.144, panel design, galvanized steel). There are various immersion lengths and process connection for optimal adaptation to the required process characteristics. Gas-actuated thermometer has a high degree of ingress protection of IP65, which allows it to be used on the street, even in freezing temperatures. Version allows the use of liquid-filled manometric thermometer in conditions of high vibration.

Due to the large variety of designs gas-actuated thermometer model 73 can be adapted to different connections and for different positions of the measuring points. Version with swivel housing allows you to set the desired angle for easy reading, and the design of the measuring rod platform allows for measuring the temperature even in small diameters, without contact with the environment. Measuring stem-area is designed for external mounting on pipes and tanks. The installation should be done so that the sensor is in contact with the surface dimensions along its entire length.

Description and specifications:

Parameter Value
Nominal size, mm 100, 160
Range of readings, ° С / scale division price, °С -80...+60 / 2, -60...+40, -40...+60, -30...+50, -20...+60, -20...+80, 0...60, 0...80, 0...100 / 1, 0...120, 0...160 / 2, 0...200, 0...250, 0...300 / 5, 0...400, 0...500, 0...600, 0...700 / 10
Accuracy class (DIN 16 203) 1
Protection class IP65
Measuring principle Manometric filler - inert gas, physiologically safe
Stem position A73 back side, R73 from below, S73 adjustable at the place, F73 with capillary
Housing Stainless steel
Connection G ½ B, G ¾ B, ½ NPT, M20 × 1,5
Possible variants / features hydraulic filling, other scale, other immersible rod, electrical contacts (data sheet АЕ 08.01) ect.
Data sheet ТМ 73.01

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