ISO 9001:2015
Modern means of measuring equipment


Ohaus Corporation (Switzerland)

Analytical balances EXPLORER series

Explorer (EX) - intellectual, intuitive and easy-to-use analytical balances of professional level.

In balances Explorer is realised the latest achievements in the field of weighing technology and high metrological characteristics provide exceptional weighing accuracy.

Key features:

  • 5,7 inch VGA color touchscreen;
  • cell monoblock with high resolution;
  • non-contact control of weights using four infrared sensors;
  • level sensor with backlit and Setup menu;
  • automatic internal calibration AutoCal, with calibration on time (every 11 hours), when switching on the scales, when pressing the "Calibration" or when the temperature changes at 1,5 ° C;
  • 11 languages including Russian, and 20 measurement units;
  • built-in bi-directional RS232 and USB interface. Optional second RS232, USB or Ethernet interface;
  • wind shield of anti-static materials;
  • backlit of windproof housing;
  • hook for weighing below the balance;
  • terminal rack as option.


  • counting the number;
  • percentage weighting;
  • check weighing;
  • dynamic weighing;
  • weighing animals;
  • control of filling;
  • summation results;
  • creation the recipes;
  • definition the density by hydrostatic weighing;
  • calculation the cost of ingredients;

Model Max, g Increment, mg Nonlinearity, mg Internal calibration Weighing cup size, mm
EX124 120 0,1 0,2 + Ø90
EX224 220 0,1 0,2 +
EX324 320 0,1 0,2 +

Scale accuracy class "I" according to ДСТУ EN45501:2007.

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